Vintage Weight Watchers recipe cards5

Posted on April 24, 2012 by ChristieWeb Favs

A friend of mine posted a link to these vintage Weight Watchers recipe cards that a woman had scanned after finding them in her mother’s basement.

I absolutely love the names they came up with, things like “Inspirational soup” and “Frankfurter Spectacular” – pure gold! If only cookbooks these days had such positive titles. I think I may have to rectify that…

Actually, my Mum has a little brown and cream box (very seventies!) with old recipe cards in them – it makes me want to go and look through them again.

Have you seen vintage cards like this?

Christie x
  • Ju’eta

    OMG, I just threw out a whole bunch of them! They were very interesting ; )

  • Ha ha ha! My Mum also had the cream and brown box to put them all in!

  • I always love a spectacular frankfurter indeed!
    I have a box of vintage newspaper recipes and Womens Weekly clippings dating from the Sixties that I love to read through, and some recipe leaflets dating back to WW 1 from my great grandmother as well.

  • I’ve still got my box of recipe cards from the early 80s and there’s some oldies but goodies there!

  • June Parkins

    Does anybody have the receipe for a sort of flapjack that uses figs? they might not be called ‘flapjacks’ but they use oats, figs, almonds (i think) amongst other things.

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