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Posted on March 15, 2013 by ChristieI'm Craving, Web Favs

When I was pregnant with Poppy I craved dumplings, all sorts, like crazy. Real crazy.

It was cool though, because I lived in Sydney and I could hop on down to Chinatown or Ashfield or even my local Chinese at Marrickville for a quick fix-slash-gorge fest. (I’m a very greedy dumpling eater, let it be on the record).

BUT, now that I live on the far north NSW coast there are NO good places to get yum cha. Trust me, I have tried. The closest I can get is buying frozen ones from Red Ginger in Byron Bay and steaming them myself at home. Or drive to QLD.

Sigh. It’s not the same, innit?

This week I have been craving a particularly unattainable type of dumpling: xiao long bao. Have you tried them? They are amazing little parcels that hold a soup broth AND dumpling filling made famous by Taiwanese chain Din Tai Fung, among others.

I used to poke a hole in them and suck the soup out until Eddie Huang taught me otherwise. What you should do is wait for them to cool slightly (a difficult feat), then dip in black vinegar and munch whole. Lush!

I’m on a super quick trip to Sydney this weekend – girls weekend only – with Poppy and I flying in. She’ll have her own seat on the plane for the first time, should be super cute! Anyhoo, mama will be making a beeline for soup dumplings at some point. Baby wants it! Haha.

What are you craving this week? Join in the fun! Please… I’m such a sticky beak.

How to join in with: This week I’m craving… {insert food}

I thought it might be fun to start a weekly post with what I’m craving during my pregnancy and I thought it might be even more fun if you joined in too. Everyone has cravings, you don’t need to be pregnant, so that means everyone can come along for the ride.

  • Every Friday I’ll publish a post with what I’m craving during my pregnancy.
  • You publish a blog post about what you’re craving and link back to my blog post.
  • I’ll add all the links into the blog post each week so others can click through and check out what you’re craving! If for some reason your link doesn’t appear, just give me a little nudge via a comment or note through my contact form.

Your post could be about something you are craving that is unattainable (as in, sashimi from a specific restaurant in Tokyo) or something you craved then made/ate and took a picture of. Or you can use a photo you borrowed from the internet (link to its source please, that’s good web etiquette!).

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