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Posted on January 11, 2012 by ChristieWeb Favs

Since so many of you got into a hissy fit about my pizza in a cone story, I thought I would just go ahead and throw some more fuel on the fire with this.

A new book called Gay Men Don’t Get Fat by Simon Doonan has intrigued me. The title is a homage to the hugely popular book French Women Don’t Get Fat and, according to UK newspaper The Guardian, it is an “arch and witty discourse on aspects of gay and straight life, written in a gossipy, frivolous and ultimately rather lovable style”.

Doonan skirts the line of stereotypes by labelling foods as ‘Straight’ (burritos!) and ‘Gay’ (sushi!). A little bit crass, but actually sounds like something I’d like to read for a giggle. And yes, just like the pizza, I’m also labelling this book “fun” (apologies in advance for offending sensitive readers! I’m sure I’ll feel your wrath again in the comments).

Publishers, send a copy my way, I’d love to check it out!

How about you, would you read this?

{image and story via The Guardian}

Christie x
  • Love that you did this! Big fan of fuel on the fire. That Pizza Cone is most def not gay food. I need a ‘gossipy, frivolous’ book about food right now!

  • LOL!

  • I didn’t realise he had a new book out, so thanks! I’m a big fan of Beautiful People, both the book and the series.

  • What a great topic….none of my gay friends would be caught dead eating a pizza cone so for sure that’s not gay food. But all of them I’m sure could wax rhetorical about the best places to get sushi and organic vegetables. Love this post!

  • Just a bit of tongue in cheek fun :)

  • Ha Ha.. I can assure you that Gay People do get Fat.. I can contest to this! Lol.. So getting thsi book! xx

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