Swedish butter shortage5

Posted on September 25, 2011 by ChristieWeb Favs

Leila Lindholm is Sweden’s sexy answer to Nigella Lawson and has recently been outed as one of the main reasons for a severe butter shortage in Sweden.

According to The Guardian newspaper in the UK she has turned the usually health-conscious Swedes into crazy butter-loving home cooks with supermarkets struggling to meet demand in the last few weeks. Click here to read the full story.

I can’t live without butter in my kitchen-slash-life. What about you?

Christie x

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  • Rah

    Oh Sweden! Shall I send you some of my lovely, salty butter?

  • I like real butter too and always use it for baking, mind you I used an unsalted home brand so it’s still not too expensive. Love a big piece of brown bread with melting butter… and brown rice with butter and parmesan. However, have to show some restraint at time!

  • Margarine is not a food, I’m glad butter is making a comeback!

  • Swede

    The real reason that we have a buttershortage in sweden is that people who eats lowcarb and highfat diet has really taken of, 25% of the swedes do try and cut down their carb intake, and at the same time increase their fat intake. And whats better then natural butter.

  • Nothing wrong with some butter:) It’s much better for you than margarine. I cook everything with butter now and it tastes so much better.

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