Restaurant inspired by ‘cave-man diet’ in Copenhagen3

Posted on March 3, 2012 by ChristieWeb Favs

Yes, finally! This is quite exciting to me: a fast food restaurant based on a ‘cave-man diet’ of nuts, berries, meat, fruits and vegetables called Paeleo (Palæo) – get it? It’s based on the palaeolithic period and now dubbed ‘primal gastronomy’. Love that name.

Chef and owner Thomas Rode Andersen claims “bread is the devil” so there is no starch, sugar or dairy products used at the restaurant. He still serves burgers and hot dogs though, just deconstructed.

I would love to check this place out. If only Copenhagen was a little closer to Sydney. How about you?

Read the full story on The Guardian website. {Photo credit: The Guardian}

Christie x
  • I only just recently heard about the Paleo diet ~ But it seems so hard for me to cut out on everything that i love so much! Like dairy and bread hehe but like you I’d still like to try!

    Too bad it’s so far away :(

  • I think it’s great people are offering new types of variety so we can have these choices…sounds like an interesting concept and I too would love to have this closer to check it out.

  • I hope its not just a dietary fad for a while, it seems like such a cool idea.

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