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Posted on February 15, 2012 by ChristieWeb Favs

We are currently house hunting for a new place so, of course, I’m scouring Pinterest everyday for styling ideas (isn’t re-decorating the best part of moving into a new house?).

That’s why when I saw this motorised kitchen island I had to share it with you. Having a kitchen big enough to have an island feature is one of my dreams – extra bench space, storage, eat-in breakfast – the possibilities are endless.

Plus, this one is super cool because it is activated via a mobile phone. What on earth will they think of next? (Hopefully it’s making hover boards a reality. Coolness!).

{story and images/video via the awesome blog: Dornob}

Christie x
  • It is cool I agree, but not for me. Great for extra space (which I need) but I can’t help but think about the hassle when it breaks down. What if you lose your phone, etc? I like to keep life as simple as possible.

    And I can see our kids doing exactly what the cat is doing in the first photo! It will be misused by our monkeys as some sort of space vehicle in 5 seconds flat!

  • I’d have one in a heart beat!!! I ALWAYS need extra bench space when decorating cakes, and less when ganaching! I think it’s time to move into a place where this bad boy is possible… or maybe just a place with more bench space!

  • Oh where do I sign up for one of these?!? IwantoneIwantoneIwantoneIwant oneIwantoneNOW!
    Oooh and a hover board too, only 3 more years wait according to Marty McFly :)

  • Very cool…what a find! I’d love to know how they make something like that a reality.

  • Isnt Pinterest awful for showin you things you simply cant have haha. I have my ideal home all pinned ready to go. Fingers crossed for a Powerball win ;)

  • Such an swesome idea.. I can only dream that one day this will be mine!

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