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Posted on January 24, 2012 by ChristieWeb Favs

I just love Miss Piggy! Her performance in the movie: The Muppets Take Manhattan¬†was awesome and is etched in my childhood memory as one of the best films I’ve ever watched (like, 500 times).

I also love bento boxes. So, combine the two and I am in heaven. I really hope I can create something this fantastic for Poppy when she goes to school.

Would you ever bother with such a decorative lunch box for your child (or yourself)?

{story and image via LunchboxAwesome}

Christie x
  • This is so creative. I love it. It would definitely make any kid want to eat their lunch. It would make me want to eat my lunch! Haha

  • This is soooo brilliant.. My Fave was always Gonzo.. haha I used to tease my brother cause he had a big nose like gonzo! hehe

  • I would cut sandwiches into cute shapes with cookie cutters, and try and make them attractive, but thats about it. Mornings are just way to busy!

  • So cute! Oink!

  • This is so sweet! It just put a smile on my face so if I could do that for someone else then yes I would definitely bother to do something creative like this.

  • This is so cute I can’t stand it !!!! Kermit must be so jealous.

  • Ohhh this is soooo cute!!! Any kid would want to eat this bento box!!!

  • That is brilliant. Unfortunately after my little bloke has skipped to school and thown his back on his hook, etc, I’m afraid Miss Piggy wouldn’t be looking so appetising!

    • Good point! I think Japanese kids must be trained to carry their lunch carefully ;)

  • Goodness, that’s too cute for words! Thanks for sharing!

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