Foodie survival kit: travel spice rack4

Posted on December 7, 2011 by ChristieWeb Favs

Are you going camping, travelling or just to your friend’s non-equipped bachelor pad these holidays? This mobile spice kit is for you!

It’s a seriously fun and quirky foodie gift and I just love the way the case looks like a make-up kit! I wouldn’t mind one myself – hint, hint.

{via Dornob with thanks to SJC for the link}

Christie x
  • Such a good idea!

  • Thats awesome! Mine is a revolving rack and although handy, takes up a bit of space

  • Oh, guess what’s going on my Christmas list!!

  • I’ve never seen anything like it for spices! Beads and lipgloss, yes, but such a clever idea to use it for spices. Mind you, I can never manage to get the lids off those darn things without spilling them.. :)

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