Exploding churros lawsuit 1

Posted on December 29, 2011 by ChristieWeb Favs

A Chilean newspaper is in a bit of hot water (pun intended) due to a churros recipe they published that caused readers who attempted to make it suffer burns.

The dud recipe made the churros batter explode on impact with the hot oil and burn the home cooks. The newspaper has been forced to pay $160,000 to the 13 victims.

Have you ever had a recipe turn out badly from a magazine or newspaper?

{story via ABC News and image via Therese B on Flickr}

Christie x
  • InTolerant Chef

    Oooh dear! I guess there is an implied sense of satisfaction guarantee with a published recipe, but ingredients and conditons vary so much that there is always a bit of hit and miss. But exploding ingredients is taki g things a bit far I guess :)

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