All-Edge Sicilian-Style Pizza5

Posted on January 29, 2012 by ChristieWeb Favs

You know those all-edge brownie pans? Well, forget brownies.

Use the pan for pizza instead.

I’ll let the pictures do the talking, but just want to mention that this is especially genius for Sicilian-style pizza which is normally baked in a rectangle shape. Hence, when it is cut there are centre slices with no crust, but this brownie pan solves that problem!

I just like the idea of miniature pizza slices.

{story via Laughing Squid and Serious Eats, photo credit: Adam Kuban}

Are you a fan of pizza crusts?

Christie x
  • How cute! I always wondered how those brownie pans worked, thanks Christie! I imagine the pizza would have been tricky to get out though.. ;-)

  • I’ve been wanting one of those pans for ages! Great idea with the pizza!

  • It is genius! Love the crispiness of the crust on any pizza so this is a great idea.

  • I eat the crust first – Major fan of a good pizza, and I totally judge the quality by the crust… none of that ‘toppings to the edge’ stuff!

  • Haha genius! I’ve always wanted one of these pans – they’re such a great idea

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