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Posted on September 5, 2012 by ChristieWeb Favs

This week I’ve seen a lot of interesting things online that were too good not to share!

First up a website devoted to pictures of bento boxes – so inspirational! I am not at the lunchbox packing stage yet, but I’ve bookmarked this site to check out when I am.

Bento boxes are such an ingenius way to serve up little bits of leftovers and cater to children’s grazing eating style. The site even has FAQs and tutorials on how to make the perfect bento box. {via The Internet Chef}.

Absolutely love this idea for a self-serve water station for kids. Especially with sliced strawberries in the water, yummy! Going into Summer this is a great idea when you have a playdate with lots of children around so that they can help themselves after getting hot and sweaty running around in the yard. {via Modern Parents, Messy Kids}.

Want to know a super quick and easy way to de-vein prawns? Helen found an awesome short video tutorial.

Prepare to have your mind blown – even if you think you’re good at deveining prawns – this trick keeps the entire back in tact. Seriously. Click here to view the video on her blog.¬†{picture above is mine from Xmas lunch in 2009}.

Would you go to the trouble of making bento boxes for your kids or yourself?

Christie x
  • Love the prawn tip! All those years of making packed lunches , and I never knew they were Bento boxes after all :) I found that as my youngest is a snacker this was the very best way to make her lunch appealing. I must have been ahead of the curve :)

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