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Posted on September 27, 2009 by ChristieTravel Stories

Sorry for the lack of posts! I’m now in London for another week or so.

My birthday

Last week it was my birthday and I celebrated with some of my family at St John Bread & Wine. It was delicious! I took some photos so expect them up soon.

Today I’m off to Borough to have lunch with a work friend I haven’t seen for more than 5 years! We used to work in a cafe together and I’d cook him yummy breakfasts with smoked salmon and eggs (he’s Swedish!) and he’d make me some very delicious coffee, although I didn’t appreciate it at the time, good coffee is one of my relatively new foodie-loves.

Our favourite thing to do was hide the freshest raspberry friands as soon as they’d arrive in the cafe. I hope our old boss isn’t reading this! They were made by Bloomspoon and were very moreish so we absolutely couldn’t help it. I’m sure you completely understand.

A show

On Friday night we made a last minute decision to go and see the brilliant play 39 steps at the Criterion Theatre in Piccadilly Circus. We quickly dined at Zilli Fish in Soho and almost missed the show! But it was worth it for the steamed mussels with lime, ginger and coconut and the halibut with roasted vegetable couscous.

Plus, Aldo Zilli was there and I got to tell him the meal was wonderful. So that was pretty cool. No photos though, I’m afraid.

A film

Yesterday I saw the film Julie & Julia and loved it! Those two women are amazing and their husbands were absolute dolls – so lovely and supportive. I thought Meryl Streep was fabulous in the role of Julia Child and all the French food made me so hungry for top quality produce that  I couldn’t eat the cinema popcorn.

Next month we’re in Toulouse in the South of France so I look forward to sharing some delicious French recipes with you then.

OK I think you’re all up to date now. More posts coming soon!

Chat soon, Christie x

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  • Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a good one. LOL that you couldn’t eat the popcorn, and I hope the French food is good.

  • Wishing you a belated happy birthday!!! :)

    Enjoy France next month!

  • Y

    Happy Birthday again! Yay, sounds like you’re having SO much fun! :)

  • Happy Birthday to you my darling friend! It sounds like you’re having a ball! :D Can’t wait to read all about it :)

  • Happy Birthday!! Sounds like you’re having a blast! I can’t wait to watch Julia & Julia :)

  • Angelina

    Lunch with Hanky????

  • @Arwen – Thanks! It’s such a shame, I usually love cinema popcorn!
    @Veggie Girl – Cheers! Looking forward to France!
    @Y – Thanks again :)
    @Lorraine – Thanks darling. Glad you’re also having fun in Sydney. Been enjoying your posts.
    @Betty – Thanks! See the film, it’s great.
    @Angelina – YES! It was so much fun to catch up with him :)

  • Happy birthday Christie! Sounds wonderful. Enjoy France.

  • Happy belated birthday lovely Christie. Hope you had a good one.

  • Hi Christie – just a quick note to let you know that the mention of Borough Markets in this post got me so jealous I had to blog about it! I am a new reader of Fig & Cherry – actually, just new to the blogosphere generally, but am so far loving it and have a sneaking suspicion I may be linking to you a lot more in the future – my blog is turning into something of a scrapbook covering topic from food to media to travelt to politics – would love for you to check it out!

  • @Mallika @Syrie – thanks ladies!
    @MyLifeMoreOrdinary – thanks for stopping by! Looking forward to taking a peek at your new blog, I love finding new ones to read :)

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