Sweet potato pie & sightseeing in NYC10

Posted on November 16, 2009 by ChristieTravel Stories

Sweet potato pie

My first taste of pie in the USA!

Strolling through Greenwich Village there were a few stalls set up with antiques and odd bits of junk but the stall that immediately caught my eye was one groaning with homemade cakes and pies.

Thanksgiving is coming up, so there’s plenty of pie-making going on, and I’m very happy to get a taste of all the classic American pies I’ve read about on food blogs.

Pumpkin, pecan, sweet potato, apple, key lime – I’m looking forward to them all. This little beauty was only $1 and was a heady mix of sweet potato, nutmeg and cinnamon. The pastry could have been cooked a little longer but it was perfectly crumbly and buttery. Delicious.

Other than eating stall treats, I’ve actually had a VERY busy week. Here’s some of the sightseeing I’ve done:

  • Helicopter ride over Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty at dusk (amazing, the city sparkles at night)
  • Live taping of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (dream come true, Jon is soooo funny!)
  • Live taping of The Letterman Show (Mariah Carey was the guest, she sang live and was really good)
  • Hop-On Tour bus around the whole city (Uptown, Downtown, Brooklyn)
  • Lunch at Katz Deli, Rockefeller Cafe and Momofuku (Q: Would you like to see a video of me eating a pastrami sandwich?)
  • Half a day in the Victoria’s Secret store on 34th Street (my poor credit card got a workout!)

See why I don’t have time to post? :)

Thanks to my lovely hand model Dillon!

Christie x

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  • FABULOUS!!! Wish I was in NYC right now. Have to wait until January :)

  • oh it sounds like such a hard life! *sigh*
    The caremelization on top of that pie looks spot on…drooling all over my keyboard right now.

  • If my hubs can choose any place in the world to go to, it would be NYC!!! I would gladly come along for that pie!!!

  • Live it up Christie! It sounds like a lot of fun!

  • Y

    Woohoo to pie!!! Oh, and you visited Momofuku? Lucky lucky girl :)

  • Sounds like so much fun! You’ll have to tell us about key lime pie too, since it seems more out of the ordinary than the others. And the video – go for it.

  • Ohhh how I miss pie. I have been prepping for Turkey Day over here and am on my third batch of pie!

  • NY is my favourite city. There is so much to do and see and the people are so nice. It would be my absolute dream to live in NY.

  • NYC is one of the world’s amazing cities. We recently returned from a trip to NYC. There just nothing else like it! No matter how often we visit, we can never place a small dent in that city. There is so much to discover.

  • @VeggieGirl – Really looking forward to your NYC trip – I’d love some vegan recommendations for my next visit.
    @Shannon – You’re right! The sweet caramelisation was just perfect, a light glaze.
    @Nina – NYC surprised me. It was so vibrant and the people were friendly.
    @PeterG – Thanks mate!:)
    @Y – Yep, review coming soon for Momofuku it was amazing!
    @Arwen – I still haven’t tried Key lime pie – I must seek it out and report back.
    @Meg – Oh my goodness! I’m very excited to celebrate Thanksgiving, shame I can’t cook.
    @Katherine – I have to agree. I’d love to live in NYC for a bit.
    @Velva – So true! We had two weeks and we barely scratched the surface. Definitely another trip is on the cards :)

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