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Posted on June 14, 2009 by ChristieTravel Stories

Tsukiji Market Tokyo Tuna
[Smoking a cigarette and slicing up a tuna? You’ll see it at Tsukiji!]

Long time no blog, hey? Sorry guys!

Well I’ve finally got some good news. Fig & Cherry is taking a world tour! First stop Japan (obviously, see pic above), then Barcelona, London, Stockholm, Budapest, Paris, New York, San Francisco, Las Vegas, LA then back home in time for Christmas.

I’ve been in Tokyo the last 4 days and I’m currently in Kyoto. In fact, I’ve just had lunch at the famous Roan Kikunoi. It was a traditional kaiseki meal which is a degustation using the freshest seasonal ingredients. I’ll explain in more detail in my post next week – wait until you see the photos, you’ll drool!

Until I get a chance to post up all my adventures please enjoy this funny shot I took of a man at Tsukiji market slicing up a fresh tuna. I’ve got loads more pics of the market, including the frantic tuna auction, so stay tuned.

Chat soon, Christie x

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  • Y

    Oh fab! I had dinner at Kikunoi, and loved it. Great photo, by the way!

  • love real photographs of food and people, have never been to Japan but would love to go

  • That is a brilliant photo! He looks like he’s concentration so hard.

  • Oh dear – excuse my typo. My hands are moving faster than my brain. Concentrating, I mean.

  • Isn’t Tsukiji mad and so much fun? And yes only in Japan will you see that sort of thing. Have fun!

  • Ju’eta

    I’m so jealous!!!!

  • That’s a great shot!

  • Great photo and of course an awesome trip!
    Have fun :D



  • miss c
    its only a week and we are missing you and mr bear already!
    much love.

  • Did you get to try any sashimi/sushi ? It was amazing there!

  • Thanks guys!

    @Y – Wow, did you go to the one in Tokyo? Would love to hear about it.

    @Sarah – I highly recommend it. Japan is fabulous.

    @Arwen – He really was concentrating! I don’t think he even noticed me taking his picture, which is why it came out so well, I think.

    @Lorraine – Thanks for telling me about the market darling. It was great!

    @Ju’eta – Oooh, I wish I could have packed you and the girls in my suitcase…

    @Pigpigscorner – Cheers! It was fun to take too.

    @Gera – Thank you, thank you. Can’t wait to blog about everything I’ve seen so far.

    @Steve – Awww, we miss you too! Private photo collection link coming to you shortly :)

    @Howard – Yes! It was so amazing. Will post about it next week. Stay tuned ;)

  • The photo shown in the blog is really nice… Tuna is so big and hard…. It must be so tasty..

  • Oh, classic Asian photo–preparing food with a cigarette in the mouth!

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  • Isn’t Tsukiji a blast?!? I have only been there once and it is a foodie’s neverland. Breakfast at the sushi shops around the neighborhood is a ‘must’ for foodies to experience at least once in their lives.

    Roan Kikunoi is a restaurant in Kyoto that I have been to numerous times. It is very good and an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with kaiseki. It is a little more nouveau than authentic though.

    Next time you are in Kyoto and want to experience authentic Kyoto kaiseki (authentic kaiseki), please consider Kichisen. Here is the website:

    Chef Tanigawa has taught me a lot about kaiseki and Kyoto’s culinary culture. There are a number of articles on KyotoFoodie about him and Kichisen.

    Oh, another link: Chef Tanigawa Defeating Masaharu Morimoto on Iron Chef (English dubbed video)

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  • Great photograph. I like how they use those massive blades to cut the fish. They’re like swords! I just published a couple more photos here:

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