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Posted on May 3, 2008 by ChristieTravel Stories

Ahhh, home sweet home. Sydney, darling, I’ve missed you so much!

The 20 hour flight home from the UK was surprisingly pleasant, but that’s not the only surprise I’ve had today. I just found out that I’ve entered the list for the Top 100 Australian Women Bloggers – hurray for me!

The wonderful Leigh at All for Women lovingly compiles the list every month and I’ve finally made it in at a very modest #84 – a girl has gotta start somewhere, right?

So thank you to Leigh for including me in your calculations, it’s much appreciated!

Now that I’m home, I’m even more enthusiastic than ever, so expect lots of yummy recipes and gorgeous Aussie light coming your way soon. I’ve also got some video plans in the works to be featured on my newest website discovery iFoods.tv, check it out if you get a chance. It’s headed up by the very talented Niall Harbison who’s cooked for the likes of Bill Gates and Robbie Williams. Not bad, huh?

See you all very soon… right after I have a little nap… the lag is killing me!

Happy eating, Christie

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  • Hooray for being back home and getting on the list of the top 100! Cool points for you! You must be so excited! However, I am not that surprised; your blog is so darn gorgeous and professional looking, you deserve it! :)

  • Din

    Welcome back Crit!

  • Hi Sophie,
    You are so sweet, thank you!

    Hi Din,
    Thanks, it’s great to be back!

  • Congratulations and I’m happy for you, to be home and receive recognition for such a wonderful blog.

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