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Posted on January 4, 2009 by ChristieTravel Stories

[Sydney Harbour Marriott Pillow Menu]

You’ve all heard of restaurant menus for food, drinks and desserts. But have you ever encountered a pillow menu? Last night I did.

The Bear and I got married last year on January 5th. You might remember my very excited post about my gorgeous wedding cake.

We had our wedding reception at the beautiful Sydney Harbour Marriott and stayed there again last night to celebrate our 1st wedding anniversary (which is technically on Monday).

We had a lovely 1 bedroom suite with spa bath and enjoyed the perks of the executive lounge where the cocktails, champagne, canapes, dessert and breakfast are all complimentary. Sweet!

[The view from the Executive lounge on the 30th floor]

When we checked into our room we noticed a little card lying demurely on our bed that said; ‘Revive Collection, Pillow Menu, It’s the Mariott way’. Well, we thought, when in Rome!

We dialed 9 and promptly ordered numbers 3 and 5 on the ‘menu’.

For The Bear, #3 Memory Foam Contour Pillow
‘Firm pillow with built in neck muscle support (suitable for back sleeper)’

For me, #5 Foam Fibre
‘Soft non-allergenic alternative to feather & down (ideal for side or tummy sleeper)’

Although it seems excessive to order specific pillows they were really really comfortable. I could definitely get used to that kind of luxury :)


The Japanese Xmas dinner post is in production! I forgot my camera-to-laptop cord while on holiday and have just processed all the images…

I’ve still got loads of reviews from London and more recent ones from Lennox Head in the pipeline. Plus a very special adults only granita recipe too. Stay tuned!

Happy cooking, Christie x

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  • Absolutely-they’re great aren’t they! We stayed at the Hilton for our 2nd wedding anniversary and we order each of their pillows from the pillow menu (I think there were 7). Yes, mad, but I am a woman that needs to sleep with at least 4 pillows of varying covers and thicknesses (don’t get me started :P ). If I weren’t a food blogger I’d be a hotel room blogger. I’m as fussy with my hotel rooms as I am about my food lol

    Sounds like you had a great time! :D

  • That’s an odd one. When I read the title I expected it to feature hot chocolate and bedtime teas – way off the mark!

  • I’m impressed! A pillow menu…that’s a fantastic idea! appy anniversary Christie!

  • Lorraine – You’re hilarious! Ooh, a hotel blogger would be a fantastic job.
    Arwen – Sorry to disappoint you! Good idea for a post though ;)
    Peter G – It’s pretty cool isn’t it? And thank you!

  • May not be edible but sure is nice to have a choice of pillows :) Hee hee does this mean you are a tummy sleeper Christie :P?

  • Happy New Year and Happy Anniversary! I went back and took a look at your wedding cake and OMG it was gorgeous! Wow! I also look forward to visiting your blog often in 2009.

  • Hi Christie, felt soooo much homesick! I used to live in Sydney, opened in ’89 the Renaissance Hotel which is now the Marriott and I worked there for six years!! What a nice property. I am sure you and your hubby had a good time there!

    Best Regards from Dubai, Chris

  • I was thinking along the same lines as Arwen. I wanted to be able to choose my night time mints or chocolates.
    Oh well, sleeping comfortably is important too!

    Happy Anniversary!

  • Make me a reservation!

  • How decadent! Congratulations on your first anniversary.

  • Happy anniversary Christie! Well I’ve never heard of the pillow menu but I rather like the sound of it. The view is stunning too. I’m a side sleeper myself :)

  • Y

    Love your view! The boy travels a lot and has seen quite a few pillow menus, but never can be bothered to order off them! I know I would! :)

  • Happy anniversary! Oh you have to love those memory foam contour pillow, thats what I am using it is so so so good! No more sore neck and migraine!

  • Wow, the fact that a pillow menu exists has just made my day – currently having dramas with mine lol.

  • @Ffichiban – Tummy and side sleeper!
    @Jamie – Thanks! I do love my wedding cake.
    @Chris – Sorry you’re homesick!
    @Kiki – A bedtime chocolate menu is a great idea.
    @Bonble Pig – Done! :)
    @Dragon – It was rather decadent wasn’t it!
    @Helen – Yes, I’m a fan of executive lounges with views. Especially *that* view ;)
    @Y – I insist that you do if you come across one!
    @Billy – I didn’t realise they were good for migraines? I must tell The Bear. Thanks!
    @Miss Honey – Hope you get a better pillow soon – it makes all the difference

  • Ryan

    Hi :)

    I stayed at Rydges where they offered a variety of pillows from this company.

    The ‘medium’ latex pillow worked a treat for me.

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