Happy Australia Day!9

Posted on January 26, 2009 by ChristieTravel Stories


Hey Guys!

I’ve made my way across the globe to the UK, aka The Cold Zone, and feeling a little jet lagged.

Unfortunately I’m off to work this morning, for the first of my business meetings, while you’re all living it up at your tasty BBQs and soaking up the warm weather *sob* *sob*.

I’ll probably eat some Tim Tams and have a nice cup of English breakfast tea (which is just called ‘tea’ here). You know, there’s so many Aussies that you can buy Tim Tams in the supermarket!

What I won’t do is turn up to a Walkabout Bar. They’re themed ‘Aussie’ bars decorated like an RSL with large pictures of sporting heroes such as Shane Warne on the wall.

I’ve never been inside one and I’d like to keep it that way. Let’s just say that there’s a lot of beer consumption and larrikin-like behaviour that goes on in them. I’d rather have a drink in a cosy Soho bar.

There’s not going to be much time for play on this trip but I do have a date with Helen from Food Stories to eat a ‘Soho Special’ at Bodeans BBQ Smokehouse restaurant – mmm pulled pork, ribs and ranch sauce!

So although it’s 5 degrees I’m still in a festive mood. As well as being Australia Day today also marks the day Dillon and I got together – 9 years that have flown by (1 of which as husband and wife).

It’s also the birthday of my two very dear friends Claire and Ben – hooray for your birthday being on a public holiday! Hope you have a wonderful day, sorry I cant be there with you.

Chat to you all soon.

Happy Australia Day! Have fun! Christie x

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  • Enjoy the “cooler” weather! Yes, avoid those bars! Happy Australia Day!

  • Claire Fincham

    Hey Groover,

    Thanks for the birthday wishes – yes it was a great day – had a bbq by the beach – until the rain came in and washed us all back home.

    Take care of you and hooray for Tim Tams!!

  • What supermarkets are you buying your tim tams in? We’ve found vegemite in London but never Tim Tams (apart from the Australia shop).

  • Welcome to the UK and enjoy your stay! I love Bodean! They do have great pulled pork and ribs.

  • Hello! Can’t wait to meet up for our Soho Special :) I know what you mean about those Australian themed bars – Belushi’s is another one. Terrible! Hope all goes well with your meetings and see you soon.

  • Forget the Walkabout. No Aussie leaves London without getting down to The Church!

  • ben

    thanks beautiful.

  • Happy Australia Day Christie. A cuppa, some Tim Tams and avoiding the Aussie themed bars sounds like an excellent plan. Enjoy your time over there.

    It’s raining here at the moment and humid – so you’re not missing too much.

  • Happy Austrailia Day! Have a great time on your trip.

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