Foreign Food Fridays: Toulouse, France7

Posted on August 13, 2010 by ChristieForeign Food Fridays, Travel Stories

The French sure know how to cook a great steak.

Here is a very good example of a perfect rare steak eaten at La Braisiere.

Us Aussies might think we know how to do it best on the BBQ, but nothing I’ve ever tasted even comes close to comparing to this one.

Way back in 2005 our very good friends Celine and Bi took us to La Braisiere for dinner where we ate the best steak of our lives.

In those days, it will still OK to smoke inside restaurants and being in France, naturally everyone was smoking between courses.

It was a very different story when Dillon and I returned there last year in October to re-live that magical first taste.

There was not even the slightest whiff of smoke in the air, but the steak still tasted as good as ever. Served with the crunchiest goose fat potatoes and a large well-dressed green salad it was the perfect meal for a cool Autumn evening.

Of course we accompanied it with a delicious local red wine and smiled ear-to-ear all the way back to our rented apartment (even though it was a good 20 minute walk!).

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Have a great weekend, Christie x

  • Chuck

    Hi, Christie…another couple will join us for several Oct. days in Toulouse. Enjoyed your La Braisiere review—any other city tips or warnings?

    • Hi Chuck,

      It’s hard to find a bad place to eat in Toulouse! However, I would recommend a short day trip to the nearby town of Colomiers to visit L’Amphitryon restaurant. Click here for my review. It was fantastic.

      Enjoy! Christie

  • We have a french restaurant on the Gold Coast called La Brasserie…somehow I doubt it is quite the same (although their rabbit rillette is pretty good)

    The steak looks devine!

  • A great steak and a glass of red wine – perfect dinner!

  • That steak looks tops! My memories of Paris involve Nutella and crepes.

    Nom nom nom

    • Hi Matthew – Agreed! I was too busy eating so many crepes (lemon and sugar!) I didn’t even photograph any while I was there. Shameful really! I’ve got some good memories in my head though ;)

  • That sounds like a lovely meal, especially the super-crunchy potatoes! Good to hear it kept you grinning all the way home.

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