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Posted on October 22, 2010 by ChristieForeign Food Fridays, Travel Stories

This is the most delicious chocolate baklava I have ever tasted.

I ate it at Hafiz Mustafa Sekerlemeleri in Istanbul with my hubby and two of my dearest friends, Shell and Huw.

I expected the chocolate to be too sweet and cloying, but it was incredibly moreish; the perfect mix of crunchy, sticky and sweet.

We also got served some complimentary little chunks of turkish delight with our coffee, click the pink button below to check out a pic.

Isn’t that a gorgeous serving dish?

I loved the way most of the turkish delight was rolled in shredded coconut and had chopped nuts (hazelnuts, almonds) inside – such a wonderful mix of textures in a small morsel!

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Have  a great weekend, Christie x

  • That looks fantastic! I’ve never seen chocolate filo here so perhaps it requires making it from scratch-what a challenge! :)

  • I too have never seen chocolate filo before…oh my! this looks so good!

  • @Lorraine and @Peter – I’m sure they did make it from scratch, how laborious! But it was sooo worth it in the eating :P

  • I was pleasantly surprised to find that the baklava in Turkey does not seem to be as sweet as the baklava I’ve had at home. I love the chocolate baklava too!

  • I have never seen chocolate baklava, it really does look good. The ground pistachio on top give a great colour contrast.

  • chocolate baklava…i want this for my next party…anyone has the recipe? thanks for at least letting us know a chocolate baklava exists

  • I need this chocolate filo! What a lovely idea. Yumm…

  • One of things I loved about Turkey was the delicious food. Love the presentation of the dishes if your photos. I found that a lot of their desserts had hazelnuts (a favorite).

  • If ever I needed extra motivation to make it to Istanbul- that’s it. Putting that place on the ‘to do’ list, right now. Thank you!

  • This is just too much! I adore baklava in every way shape or form.

  • Wow, chocolate baklava! I love the contrast with the green pistachios on top.

  • wow, i’ve never had chocolate baklava and i guess i am missing out bigtime.

  • This is really gorgeous! This is a wonderful idea.

  • yeah its look nice to see the information which is good for me and others also to see

  • this looks so pretty… thank you for sharing this.

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