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Posted on June 25, 2010 by ChristieForeign Food Fridays, Travel Stories

Foreign Food Fridays is a new regular series I’m starting.

It’s a way to share all the amazing food experiences I had while travelling last year. (Quick update for new readers: I spent the last six months of 2009 travelling to 10 countries and 26 cities with my hubby).

I took around 5000 photos during the six months and a large majority of them were food related – not very surprising really!

This year I’ve decided to take a reality check and admit that I’ll probably never get around to writing the reviews that go with the photos so I’m going to post them here every Friday instead.

For the very first edition I’m starting in Morocco which was the most incredible mouth-watering flavour experience ever. Truly inspirational.

Can you guess what this dish is?

It’s Pigeon Bastilla. The famous sweet and savoury Moroccan pie that’s the specialty of the city of Fez, where I ate it.

It’s a special occasion dish often served during Ramadan and to royalty throughout history. I was a bit hesitant about eating pigeon at first, but it was absolutely delicious.

The pie is made up of pigeon, saffron, cinnamon, sugar, almonds, ground spices and egg all wrapped up in various layers of pastry (similar to phyllo) that’s sprinkled with a sugar-nut mixture in between each sheet.

I love the way Moroccan food combines sweet and savoury ingredients in such a complimentary way – like harira soup served with sweet pastries. It sounds crazy but it really works.

One day I’m going to try making a Bastilla… but I’m not giving myself a dead line – these days they just come and go with the wind!

If you’re still hungry for more Morrocan food then check out my post about the Moroccan Cooking Course I attended or the amazing Moroccan Rotisserie Chicken I ate.

Just so you know, I’m going to post this series on Twitter each week with the hashtag #fff. If you’ve got a foreign food pic to share, feel free to use the tag also!

Have a great weekend, Christie x

  • I like this idea of Foreign food fridays! It’ll be good to see more of your foodie travel pics. I lived with a Moroccan girl once and she talked about this dish. The sweet and savoury is really interesting.

  • Hehe I knew what it was because I had a b’stilla at a restaurant and it was so unusual I will remember it forever! I recall being perplexed by the icing sugar and hte savoury inside. Great series darling!

  • oooh I love this idea!

    That looks like something I want to try – I’ll volunteer to be your taste-tester OK? ;)

    Have a great weekend yourself! xx

    • Deal! Maybe your offer will force me to make it sooner than I would have… maybe! :)

  • Lol it looks like a jam doughnut! So surprising it is filled with pigeon. I love the idea of foreign food Fridays, bring it on!

  • The first time I tried bastilla was in Morocco as well, 8 years ago in Marrakesh at the markets. Not as fancy looking as yours though. I loved it!

  • oh drooling. That would be AWESOME right now

  • Ooh this this takes me straight back to being in Spain a couple of years ago when we went to a restaurant in Granada (a place with a very strong Morrocan history) that had the best view in the world looking over the Alhambra Palace – called the jewel of Morrocan Spain – and eating bistilla for the first time, drinking the best sangria I’ve ever had. What a memory :) Thanks for the reminder.

  • Yum! Looking forward to re-living more foreign delights.

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