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Hmmm, that’s quite a bit of food isn’t it?

And guess what? That was the first course. Seriously.

The variety of salads in Morocco is astounding. They really jazz up vegetables with loads of spices, sweet and sour condiments and different cooking techniques – it’s truly inspirational.

My favourites were the unexpected combinations of beans and tomatoes with dates, apricots or prunes. As well as greens flecked with salty preserved lemon.

More pictures of the food and the restaurant after the jump. Click the pink button below.

I absolutely love Moroccan style crockery, it’s so ornate and makes it even more pleasurable to eat a meal.

Above is my plate piled up with my first selections.

This abundant first course of salads was followed by two tagines and seasonal fruit – which I’ll show you next Friday.

This is the traditional riad (hotel) from the outside, the Palais de Fez Dar Tazi restaurant is located on the top level.

We ate on the balcony which had the most amazing sprinkler system on the ceiling that sprayed a super-fine soft mist of water at regular intervals to cool us down. It was so refreshing and very much needed at the height of summer in August – even at night!

The view from up there was spectacular too. Tune in to Foreign Food Fridays next week to check it out.

Have a great weekend, Christie x

  • Delish! shame I’ve eaten!

  • Wow! What a fantastic spread. I love heaps of different salad and veggies to choose from.

  • Moroccan food is soooo delicious! And the Arab tradition of large salad spreads with tons of jugged up vegetables is one of my favorites.

  • Cooeee Christie, always wanted to go to Morocco, maybe someday. totally understand the “yes this is just the first course though” as I had the same style ‘spread’ in my travels to UAE and Egypt and the like. Think I’ll try out some of those combos at home in the meantime though @frombecca x

  • Fabulous post, Christie!!

    I absolutely love Morocco and Moroccan food! Being originally from Paris, Morocco was quite close so it was one of my favourite destinations for a long weekend getaway… And I couldn’t agree more with you on Moroccan crockery being gorgeous as…

    Now I’m hungry for couscous ;-)

  • Yum! This is taking me back to my trip to Morocco. I was there in August too! (August 2009). Their salads are amazing, aren’t they! The bread too…oh the food! Great post.
    Heidi xo

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