Foreign Food Fridays: Budapest, Hungary6

Posted on July 9, 2010 by ChristieForeign Food Fridays, Travel Stories

A very naughty breakfast! Or if you’re European, a very normal breakfast :)

These lovely pastries were devoured at Gerbeaud Budapest alongside a generous bread basket with jam, honey, butter, orange juice and good strong coffee.

The coffee was accompanied by a sugar coated biscuit – as if we needed it!

The choux pastries were far too sweet for my liking but Dillon gobbled them up in no time. I was sad to find that there was no custard inside, just plain pastry that was super buttery, light and flaky.

It was a warm Summer day last year in August and we sat outside at a table with an umbrella and soaked up the sunshine.

The next day we visited by Hungarian grandma (Nagy Mama) and she cooked up a massive feast. I’ll feature that in a future Foreign Food Fridays post.

Have a great weekend, Christie x

  • Yes! I could do with one of those right now.

  • No wonder French women just stop eating. It’s easier than stopping at one bite!

  • Mmmm I could do with the one covered in chocolate right about now.

  • Wow, how do Hungarian women stay so beautifully svelte!? :o

  • They look fantastic. I recently went to (and reviewed) Corner 75 Hungarian restaurant in Bondi Junction. It was certainly of feast proportion but so good and a real change too.

    • Hi Gareth, my Hungarian grandparents used to run a Hungarian restaurant in Bondi in the late 60s, early 70s. I haven’t tried Corner 75 though – thanks for the tip! Christie :)

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