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Posted on August 27, 2010 by ChristieForeign Food Fridays, Travel Stories

Traditional British fish and chips. You can’t beat them.

This particular plate was eaten at Bankers Fish Restaurant in Brighton on a windy October day last year.

You might think that’s a very small amount of mushy peas, but rest assured it’s a small dollop that came from a much larger bowl.

I really loved the greasy ‘chippies’ (fish and chip shops) in England. At first, it was a strange novelty to eat them with mushy peas, pickled eggs and drowned in malt vinegar. But soon I couldn’t have them any other way!

Saying that, a good home-made Aussie tartare sauce and a big wedge of lemon truly is a great way to enjoy fish and chips. Especially if you’ve got your shoes off and your feet in the sand on an Aussie beach (sorry, pebble beaches in England just don’t cut it!).

Have a great weekend, Christie x

  • Think I’ll have chips for lunch now. :)

  • That picture is making me hungry!!!! I’ve never tried mushy peas with fish and chips…sounds good (although you can count me out on the pickled eggs!…yuck!)

  • Can’t stomach the pickled egg… Not for me!

  • Pebble beaches definitely aren’t the way to go, but the fish and chips look great.

  • yummy they look great :)

  • Oh so they don’t eat it with a sauce? Well apart from malt vinegar :o

  • I am a mushy peas addict! I can’t belive I never knew this was a real thing (mushy peas + fish & chips)

  • Ju’eta

    That looks bloody awesome!

  • Mmm you cannot beat traditional fish and chips – I love eating them when at the seaside – sat next to the beach, and especially with mushy peas! Yum.

  • You should try chips with curry sauce. A great tradition in Yorkshire but you don’t seem to get it anywhere else.

    The curry sauce looks toxic, but is delicious with proper chips.

    • Hi John,
      Next time I’m in the UK I’ll have to give that a try! :)

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