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Posted on August 20, 2010 by ChristieForeign Food Fridays, Travel Stories

This week it’s a photo that’s not actually mine. I got sent this from my hubby’s Aunty and Uncle who recently visited Beirut (thanks guys!).

Can you believe it’s a street stall selling figs and cherries! Very cool.

Even though my Dad was born in Lebanon, I’ve never been there, so I love seeing the grid-locked traffic he’s always talking about.

Plus, those big plump green figs and shiny cherries look sooo yummy!

Hopefully I’ll get to Lebanon one day, for now I’ll just drool over the lovely Joumana’s blog, Taste Of Beirut. Check it out, it’s totally delicious.

Have a great weekend, Christie x

  • I would love to visit Lebanon one day…how funny that the stall is selling both figs and cherries! Have a great weekend!

  • Lebanon is on my to-do list too. The Lebanese restaurant down the road from has a tourism promo video on loop and the place looks incredible!

  • sandra

    My parents are both lebanese and i’ve had the opportunity to visit lebanon a few times and its a must-do! you’ll find so many interesting random fruits being sold on the streets.. we bought an avacado last time from a street stall that weight about 1kg! and you’ll love the fruit man that yells out to come and buy tomatoes and potatoes for $1 a kg at 7.30am in the morning!
    Everything also tastes really fresh and looks slightly different to the supermarket packaged stuff you find here as there are still leaves left on the oranges.. probably to make them weigh more lol

    • Hi Sandra,

      Thanks for this comment – the leaves observation made me laugh – so true! Lebanese people are very clever business people, ha!

      Christie x

  • Ohhh figs and cherries – your namesake! Would love to be able to visit Lebanon with some local insight.. I’m sure it would make for an amazing trip :)

  • hehe it’s the Christie cart! :D

  • How funny! So unexpected and you would think that the two are so unrelated.

  • Thanks Christie for mentioning my blog; for a minute I thought perhaps you were in Beirut with your little family! Soon I hope! It will be a trip unlike any other you have taken in the “civilized” world, I can assure you!

    • Hi Joumana, No problems! Will definitely let you know when I head to Lebanon so I can get the best tips on where to go ;) Christie

  • This is a surprisingly pleasant image. I never knew that carts selling fruits like this also pepper other parts of the world. In the Philippines, fruit carts, vendors and street food stalls are sometimes the cause of traffic jams but isn’t it great to get stuck in traffic surrounded by food? :)

  • Jo

    Lebanon is one place I’ve never thought to go, but that picture of yours really brings out an attractive eccentricity about the place that has just made it much more appealing.


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