Foreign Food Fridays: Barcelona, Spain9

Posted on August 6, 2010 by ChristieForeign Food Fridays, Travel Stories

I’ve got tears in my eyes as I look at this photo.

It’s for two reasons:

1) I heart Barcelona! Out of the 26 cities we visited last year it was my favourite (tied 1st with Tokyo).

2) Now that I’m pregnant I can’t eat cured meats. Besides, nothing will taste as good as eating pure Iberico ham in the country the lucky (black-hoofed) pig was raised in.

And, I feel guilty guzzling it here in Oz due to the food miles it has racked up, just to enter my hungry belly. Sigh.

This shot was taken at the famous La Boqueria fresh produce market in Barcelona.

I’ve got plenty of other great shots of olives, pineapples, mushrooms, seafood and more – but you’ll have to wait for future Foreign Food Fridays posts for those. (Note: Click those blue words to view all the previous posts!).

Have a great weekend guys, Christie x

  • Kate

    I’ve never tried the proper Iberico, super jealous!

  • Vita

    That was my favorite place in Barcelona. Went there every day for a week! Hope the bump is great! X

  • Aww not long now until you can taste it again! ;)

  • I love iberico jamon! I could be heading out to Barcelona later in the year…can’t wait.

    • Peter, I’m jealous! Looking forward to seeing your pics though ;)

  • Y

    Yum yum. I can’t wait to go to Barcelona one day. Have a feeling I’ll love it as much as you did, considering like you, Tokyo is still one of my favourite destinations.

  • oh I love barcelona! special memories as it’s where I was falling in love with my now husband! I also loved the shopping, he loved the cheap beer and tapas!

    nice to meet you yesterday and i have to say one of my cameras is an olympus e-620 too and I just love it!!!!!!!


  • :o Congratulations Kristie, I didn’t know you were expecting! When are you due?

    Beautiful photo by the way, I love shots like this. The hooves & stuff would turn most Aussies off, we’re so disconnected from our food. Last time I served prawns with saffron, chili & honey at a dinner party my guests were horrified that the shells were left on!

  • I have tears of sympathy for you. Just shield your eyes from the photo and tell yourself its worthwhile! At least you got to indulge when you were there though!

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