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Posted on August 18, 2009 by ChristieTravel Stories

Figs in Istanbul, Turkey

I’m now in the fourth country on my world tour with my lovely hubby – Turkey.

We’ve been to Japan, Spain and Morocco. Next on the list is Hungary, Italy, England, France and the USA. Yes that’s right, it’s a lot of countries, and we don’t go home until December!

I know what you greedy food bloggers are thinking – so much to eat! Yep. I’m doing a lot of running and exercise (links to my secret for not getting fat, Yuri is the best!) so that I can eat a mountain every single day. It would be a shame not to.

By the way, if you’re in one of those countries, I’d love any suggestions (food or otherwise) and would love to catch up for some foodie adventures.

But back to Istanbul, Turkey.

The fresh produce here is amazing. Tomatoes are so ripe, have an intoxicating aroma and actually taste as good as they look! There’s endless street carts selling fresh fruit like watermelon, pineapple and of course my favourite – figs and cherries.

I’m so happy to be chasing Summer around the globe so that I can eat the gorgeous seasonal fruit that I love so much in an ethical way.

Hope you enjoy this photo of slices of a perfectly ripe fig. It was so nice and soft I’m thinking of getting some more and scooping out the insides and mashing with sugar to make a ‘fresh jam’. Has anyone tried this? I bet it would be wonderful on fresh bread.

I’ll be back soon with more yummy stuff – there’s about a million posts backed up ready to be written and revealed.

Christie x

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  • I envy you:-) this is what we want to do when we have time & money, but i guess we have to wait!

    Enjoy your meals in turkey, it happens to be one of my favorite cuisines.

  • Lucky you! Can’t wait to read about your foodie adventures Christie!

  • Ooo, look forward to your upcoming posts! Your world tour sounds nothing short of magnificent.

  • I am green with envy…traveling…my favorite thing in the world and yet I do it so seldom!!! Thx for taking me with you on this trip…I love every minute of it!!!

  • Gorgeous photo Christie – you’re making me hungry. I was really impressed with how ripe and flavourful the fruit in Turkey was – I hope they never get trapped with modern supermarket fruit!

  • Those figs are making my mouth water. I’m jealous but so happy for you. What a great experience!

  • Awesome website!!! Love the photos and great information-thanks, Betty

  • What a lovely, mouthwatering photo. It seems you’ve got the same philosophy as me when it comes to exercise…I don’t go jogging to lose weight…it’s just so I can eat more :-)

  • Thanks guys! I’m trying to keep up with all my posts, but I’m falling a bit behind! But don’t worry, I’m determined to show you every last delicious morsel :)

  • Hehe who are you calling greedy? Moi? :P But seriosuly I love tasting real tomatoes. Sad to say but even the expensive tomatoes here pale in comparison to real tomatoes overseas. One cherry tomato in Japan had me reeling in pleasure. I had never had anything like it!

  • @Lorraine – Perhaps being greedy is a compliment ;) Yes! The cherry tomatoes in Japan are truly spectacular. I bought some from a lady on the side of the road in Kyoto – they were like eating sweets, so ripe and juicy and flavoursome.

  • Wen

    Hi there, I’m on a round-the-world trip as well, started in london and heading eastwards! Just got into Istanbul today and found your blog on Looks great!

    Depending on where you end up in Italy, France, England and USA, I’d be more than happy to share some notes. Get in touch!


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