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Posted on October 22, 2008 by ChristieTravel Stories

My parents-in-law Angela and Steve recently went to Turkey with their best friends for a swimming race and holiday. On their return Angela surprised me with some guest photography of the foodie parts of their adventure.

The picture above is of the breakfast they were served at every restaurant they went to. Fresh bread, boiled egg, cucumber, tomato, olives, cheese, butter and jam.  Delicious – unless you’re gluten free like Angela and there’s only one type of bread!

Although she was probably starving without any carbs for breakfast she still found time to take a quick snap for you all to enjoy. Now, let’s head to the market…

I love the piles of spices on the left but I seriously wonder how they keep them all so neat. And have you ever seen that much baklava lined up in so many shapes? Amazing.

I can only imagine the intoxicating smell as you walk past the stalls, nostrils flaring, eyes gently closing to intensify the aromas. It would almost be sensory overload to actually buy and consume anything. I really want to go to Turkey. Right. Now.

Speaking of sensory overload, did you notice the sign that says ‘Turkish viagra. 6 times in one night’? I think that is hilarious! Angela told me there were even signs boasting up to 9 times. Wow. OK then.

As well as these yummy pics I also got about 20 different packets of herbs and spices that I cannot wait to get into the kitchen with; Turkish saffron, black sesame, fennel seeds and more! Keep your eyes peeled for some very fragrant recipes coming up.

Thanks again Angela, you know how to make a girl very happy! Plus, I love having a global correspondent :)

Happy eating! Christie

ps. This is my 100th post, how exciting!

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  • Sounds like your in laws had a great time Christie…great pics too!

  • Mmm turkish bread. Congrats on your 100th post Christie!

  • You must go to Istanbul…historic, a foodie vacation and simply a jewel of a city.

  • Love the look of that simple breakfast.

  • Happy 100th post ^^! The Turkish Viagra is amusing indeed!

  • Yeah, imagine eating this breakfast FOR THREE WEEKS! Anyway, Turkey is a lovely place indeed and you should visit. Just be careful with that saffron, because sometime Turkish saffron isground up saffron flower and tastes nothing like saffron!

  • all of that is baklava? i think i’m in love with turkey. :)
    happy 100th!

  • Y

    I could eat that kind of breakfast any and every day of the week :)

  • Turkish viagra..hilarious…and yes there were so many things to looka t in that one shot.

  • Congratulations on your 100th post Christie!
    The pictures are so colorful! I too would love to experience traveling through Turkey! So much history!

  • Peter G – They really did!

    Dillon – Ah, a bread lover! Thanks!

    Peter – I would love to. Definitely high on the list.

    Howard – Me too. So fresh isn’t it?

    FFichiban – Thanks! I know, it’s so funny.

    FoodJunkie – The saffron does look like little flowers… hmmmm. Thanks for the tip!

    Grace – I know, baklava heaven.

    Y – Agreed!

    Noble Pig – So true. I just stared at it for ages and the words flowed out.

    Laurie – Thank you!! I’ve very excited about it.

  • Great photos! I agree global correspondents are the best :) And I can’t wait to see what you do with the saffron, one of my favourite spices!

  • The mountains of spice look amazing.If only it was around the corner from my apartment…

  • Ju’eta Amir

    Yes, I remember when we were in Turkey and the smell was intoxicating! Oh, and the delicious apple tea we were served at every shop we went to…aaahhh….I definitely want to go there again.

  • Christie, there is a gift waiting for you over at my blog, please do check it out and hope you like it !

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