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Posted on June 5, 2011 by ChristieFood News, Taste Tests

With all the sweet stuff that has been sent to me lately, it was with some relief that I opened up a package filled with five tea bags.

Twinings recently gave a tea blending kit to 40 celebrities and asked them to come up with their own signature tea that will be mass produced and sold as ‘Australian Afternoon Tea’.

The top 5 entries for the competition were (in no particular order); Kevin Rudd, Kerri-Anne, Alan Jones, Layne Beachley and John Williamson – see picture above!

Hubby and I taste tested them all and my favourite was Kerri-Anne’s (citrusy and very ‘girly’) and his was John Williamson’s (smokey and ‘manly’, ha!). How completely stereotypical!

You have a chance to taste them too and cast your vote as Twinings are having special tasting events around the country (more details here). The winner will be announced on August 29th!

I think it’s quite exciting to have an ‘Australian’ tea blend rather than having to ask for ‘English Breakfast’ all the time in cafes. Although I have to admit, if I order tea out, it’s usually a chai with soy milk.

What’s your favourite tea?

Christie x


  • Honestly most of the people on that list make me feel a little ill at times. I think Layne’s the only one I could stomach.

    • I know what you mean Fiona! One of them I kind of liked but didn’t want to as I wasn’t a fan of the creator ;)

  • How fun to create your own blend! My favourite tea in the whole world is Dilmah Earl Grey. It’s just got a certain something that no other Earl Grey has- fresh, zingy,bright, citrus-y….. Yumm….

    • Ooh, I haven’t tried their Earl Grey! I like Dilmah Extra Strength.

  • Glen-Marie Frost

    What attitude ! These people have given their personal time to creating a blend of Afternoon Tea to support their favourite charity. Let’s be charitable too and give each one a fair go on MERIT.

  • I don’t drink coffee and am a total tea tragic – but I am so very tired of celebrity everything that their endorsement would probably make me run a mile.
    As for favourite tea, I don’t think I could choose as it depends on the time of day and my mood. Although I do need full caffeine and sugar for the first cup of the day.

  • Great post, I love tea, especially in the afternoon and while eating the cake, wow so good. Thanks for share.


  • Amy

    I’m loving green tea with jasmine and vanilla at the moment. And I can’t go past a good old cup of English Breakfast tea. :)

  • Ju’eta

    Christie, I love your mugs!!!

    • Thanks Jude! ‘My’ one is the cherry blossom – I use it everyday :)

  • This is quite hilarious but kinda cute at the same time!

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