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Posted on January 25, 2012 by ChristieCompetitions, Drinks, Taste Tests

Update 3/2/2012: this competition is now closed. Congrats to the winners: David, Vici and Nicole.

Forget cocktails guys, winetails are the new black.

Not that I’m an expert or anything, but I did have a fiddle around making my own cocktails using Yellow Tail sparkling wine, and had some great results.

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Right. Now that the admin is out of the way, let’s take a look at these winetails…

Once I got down to business, I was actually quite amazed at how versatile sparkling wine is when used in cocktails, ahem, winetails. The gentle fizz really adds a bit of fun and lightness, even for the ones that have strong alcohol in them (I’m looking at you bourbon whisky).

The best thing, though, was a new bottle feature – a resealable cap. How handy! Not only is this super convenient for regular folks who don’t want to drink a whole bottle in one sitting, but it was really great for me while I was experimenting and photographing over a whole day. The wine stayed fresh and chilled and ready for its close up.

Enough procrastinating though, let’s talk about these winetails.

Sparkling Leela. Named after the lovely girl who was taste-testing this for me. It’s a beautiful combination of peach nectar, fresh passionfruit and sparkling rose. A fun, girly, Aussie-Summer twist on a bellini.

Dark Golden Sunset. This is a masculine drink designed for the men at our taste-testing gathering. Bourbon whisky, cointreau, sparkling wine and dry ginger ale. Surprisingly, it remains quite a macho drink, even with the inclusion of supposedly ‘girly’ sparkling wine.

Minty Party Starter.  My taste-testers declared this was the best of the lot. Fresh, light and fruity with the mint being the stand-out ingredient. Definitely a winetail to kick your event off with a bang: lime, mint, vanilla sugar, moscato and tonic water. Yum!

Good luck in the competition guys, and do let me know if you try any of my winetail recipes tomorrow on Australia Day!

Christie x

This feature story and giveaway is proudly sponsored by Yellow Tail Wines.

Sparkling Leela

serves 1

  • 30ml peach nectar
  • 1 tablespoon passionfruit pulp (roughly half a passionfruit)
  • 30ml vodka
  • Yellow Tail Sparkling Rose

1. Pour the peach nectar into a champagne flute. Add the passionfruit pulp and vodka and stir.

2. Top with sparkling rose to fill the glass. Enjoy immediately.

Dark Golden Sunset

serves 1

  • 30ml Bourbon Whisky
  • 5ml Cointreau
  • Yellow Tail Sparkling White Wine
  • Dry Ginger Ale
  • 2 ice cubes

1. Place the ice cubes into a short wide glass. Add the whisky and cointreau and stir.

2. Top with equal amounts of sparkling wine and dry ginger ale. Enjoy immediately.

Minty Party Starter

serves 1

  • 1 lime
  • 1 tablespoon vanilla sugar
  • 3-4 mint sprigs
  • 30ml vodka
  • 60ml moscato
  • Tonic water

1. Slice the lime into six wedges and place into a tall, slender hi-ball glass.

2. Add the sugar, mint and vodka. Smash, muddle and stir until the sugar dissolves.

3. Pour in the moscato and top with tonic water to fill the glass. Enjoy immediately.

  • I like the sound of the mint one the most as well, Yumm…

    • Dianne

      Had Moscato before, it is surely a winetail to adore, just give me some more, especially in hot sultry weather, for Minty Party Starter..

  • Sold, sold, sold….each of them looks like my sort of drink…not sure what that says but not sure I care as they look so good!

  • Vivianne

    Oh yum! And resealable bottle? Yes please!

  • Kelly

    Will have to try that manly one for the boy, sounds intensely delicious.

  • Yummo. If only we had te weather at the moment for Winetails!

    • You’re right Gary, hot weather would be better winetail weather, but beggars can’t be choosers! :)

  • Haha I bet you had fun testing these out! I’m not a big Yellowtail drinker but the recipes look like fun.

  • Amanda Gorton

    After a long working week I like to ‘wine’ down with a glass of yellwotail!

  • the resealable cap sounds like a great invention. hopefully it’s environmentally sound as well. a good time to enjoy a winetail is when the baby has gone to sleep and the pizza delivery has arrived :-)

  • Cristina

    With yellowtail I hope there will be a celebration when I finish my 18 visits for chemotherapy

  • David

    Wine not say ‘yellow’ to a great evening with a dark golden sunset? Best enjoyed with sparkling lass ‘Leela’ -she sounds like a (minty)Party Starter!

  • Jenni

    These look like just the thing for a summers afternoon on the verandah hanging out with friends and family.

  • Perfect at the end of a long, hot day to chill out and relax!

  • Caroline

    I love the sweeter styles of wines – the Moscato in the, “Minty Party Starter,” please – party of one.

  • miranda chiappini

    Sitting by the pool in the late afternoon Melbourne weather, sipping a sparkling Leela and transporting me back to Venice.

  • Penny George

    Ooooo…I’m going to have a Sparkling Leila tonight!!! Looks divine.

  • Anna Kanook

    They look great, I love the Minty Party starter. I’m a huge fan of winetails. Sparkling Leela is very similar to one that I make only I use a strained blood orange juice and put a bit of icing sugar in the glass and on the rim to add a bit of fizz.

    • Anna Kanook

      oh…and winetails should definately be shared with wine tales at afternoon picnics.

  • Julie K

    MINTY PARTY STARTER morning, noon and night Mmmmmm YUMMY and who needs a reason :) for one of these drinks :)

  • Monica

    A good time to enjoy a winetail is after work especially now during summer because they are refreshing delicious easy to make cocktails.

  • Friday night drinks is the best time for winetails, I’m sure of it.

  • Mara

    Best to start drinking Winetail at the tail end of the day, to relax and unwind and begin a night of partying.

  • During a quiet night with my other half. :)

  • N

    ANYtime is a good time for a winetail! Life is a series of days, each a celebration. What better way to celebrate than with winetails!

  • A glorious long Saturday afternoon lunch with lovely friends and lots and lots of yummy winetails :)

  • After a long week of family, work, family, work, family & work. I’ll sit on my balcony on Friday evening, look out to the ocean, and put my feet up…..

  • Katie

    Sitting on my balcony on a warm summer evening (few and far between this summer!), watching the sunset. Perfect!

  • Alois

    Like to enjoy winetails anytime….because I can!

  • cheryl haining

    The best winetail time is when friends are around, sharing a drink, a laugh and friendship, adds more zing to the drink

  • Karina W

    When you get home after your 30 minute walk from work.

  • Belinda Bonello

    At family gatherings.

  • kari chambers

    when isn’t a good time to have a wine tail?.. i make a peach a orange blossom foam and i have it with sparkling wine and peach Martinez liqueur…mmmmmmm.
    when you appreciate wine and the alcohol you can mix with it.. it is like entering a whole new world.

  • Belinda

    To celebrate good times with friends and family, to celebrate you just got home from work or to celebrate that you’re on holidays and you’ve just arrived at your destination!!!

  • yummo they all look so tempting that i would have friends over and try them all out

  • ros mayes

    When the day SPARKLES and when it doesn’t
    When the kids WINE and when they’re happy
    When life’s FIZZY and when it’s fuzzy
    Winetails make any any bad day good and any good day better !

  • Karren

    Anytime is a good time to have a Winetail celebration. It feels like that everytime I am drinking one, sitting back relaxing or partying with friends.

  • Helen Maughan

    Like the tee shirt says …. the best time to drink winetail is on days starting with T ….
    Tuesday, Thursday, Today, Tomorrow, Thaturday, Thunday.

  • Judy

    We are sweet wine drinkers, your Sparkling leela looks great. You really do have a great job!!! We love to relax with a drink each night after a hard days work. Nothing better than to sit, relax, catch up on each others day and sip a glass of cool wine tail.
    Overlooking the ocean just caps it off (when we can).

  • Kicking back, relaxing with mates, cocktails too formal, winetails are fun that rates. Versatile for each individual taste, beer and wine – you’ve been displaced!

  • MaryR

    Perfect for that quiet reflective moment before guests arrive, continuing through party time and of course when putting your feet up afterwards.

  • roberto colombi

    Sitting outside around a table in the garden… drinking Al fresco is the Best-O

  • Marie Pohnetalova

    Whenever you need to quench your dry throat… it’s ‘Thirst Come, Thirst Served’!

  • Vicky

    The mint one sounds like a great starter to freshen my mouth and make me extra kissable before I get too drunk ha ha ha!!

  • Celebrating the end of the day,
    Time for reflection, to eat, drink and play.

  • Trish

    Can’t think of anything better to have on a hot muggy afternoon sitting outside around the pool! Love someone to bring me a sparkling Leela right now. Oh yes and I just love the idea of a resealable cap!!!

  • Sandy

    Soaking in the sight of the sunset, welcoming friends, it is finally Friday evening, and all together, or separately, great occasions for a delicious Winetail. Relaxing with a light drink.

  • Laura C

    Pre dinner drinks with the girls
    Or one after a meal never fails
    It is never the wrong time
    To grab a bit of ‘tail’!

  • With the girls, over a nice lunch.

  • Carol Jones

    Kids bathed, fed
    And put to bed
    Now ‘me’ time prevails
    Relaxing with a couple of WINETAILS

  • Judith Senese

    The best time for a Winetail, is 9pm any nights. Kids are in bed fast asleep and their father is at work. Total peace and quiet. My Time.

  • Linda Hynson

    After a day at the beach,i will have a bbq and cook seafood-this is THE perfect time to enjoy a winetail:-)

  • Tracy Boulter

    Casual entertaining with friends or celebrating a special occasion, doing it with wintails is doing it with style.

  • Sacha Pech

    After a hard day at work, kids bathed, fed and bedded.
    Playing a boardgame with hubby and ‘catching up’

  • sam

    Anytime I need to find a personality, usually just before I go out! (lol)

  • Christine Williams

    Party Starter, When the Fairytale doesn’t come to pass, A Winetail is in order.

  • Kathy Mason

    Anytime is good for wine time. No excuses needed.

  • jo miller

    Midday somewhere. Lifes to short.

  • christine

    Anytime is a winetail time and don’t let go!

  • Sonja E.

    I love cooking with wine. Sometimes I even put it in the food

  • Laura Jilka

    A fresh summer dinner to enjoy,
    An evening spent with my boy,
    A glass of crisp Yellow’s wine,
    That’s what makes Summer fine!

  • Chris Arthur

    Watching The Australian Open with some friends is a perfect time for WINETAIL TIME as just a few glasses turns us all into tennis experts lol :)

  • Leah Staker

    half hour after the kids go to bed, sitting on the back steps with my fiance for a chat…heaven!

  • Charisse Childs

    Winetails are perfect to have when hubby and I are watching the sun go down as the kids play out on the grass.

  • Linda Courtney

    The jobs are all done, the kids are in bed. Looks like its WINETAIL time.

  • sue petrie

    Sitting in a nice cool bath relaxing at the end of a hard day

  • Kate Revell

    After work sitting on the beach,
    Winetail time is just in reach!

  • anytime is a great time for winetail ust as long as you got family and friennd you plus the bikkies and cheese

  • Gerry E.

    When I read about the evils of drinking, I gave up reading

  • marie

    winetail is for me, always after 3! The kids are home, if there’s an emergency, I’ll phone for the ‘services’ to pop around home! hehe..

  • Joanne

    It’s always a good time to enjoy winetail because it must be 5pm somewhere.

  • Lesleigh

    A Winetail is best enjoyed after a hard weeks work.
    Sit down on the patio in the cool breeze is a great weekend perk.

  • Anne

    I enjoy a winetail around 5pm. And it’s always 5pm somewhere in the world.

  • gemmie

    Best time to enjoy winetails?
    At a BBQ, without fail!
    Refreshing, tasty, the perfect treat
    On a hot summer day, winetails you can’t beat!

  • Misha Lewis

    When you cant relax and all else fails, Then it’s time for Yellowtails!!

  • Melissa Krohn

    To treat yourself,
    Its easy as,
    Just grab a bottle,
    Of winetail Sav.

  • Christine Hall

    It is to enjoy with good family and great friends, with a great meal

  • Linda

    Sunday afternoon in my backyard is the best time to enjoy that winetail to celebrate yet another good week.

  • Anytime is a good time, asking as its after 10am, pubs open then, so why can’t my ‘at home’ pub

  • michelle


    W – wherever you are
    I – is a great place to drink winetail !
    N – near great friends and family
    E – everywhere!

  • Nicole

    Tall tales, short tales, long tales … they’re all believable after a Winetail!

  • Brenda Charles

    After a hard day at work, a roast dinner then follow with a relaxing wine tail and a cheese platter

  • Abby

    A Dark Golden Sunset is the perfect end to the working week, enjoyed with friends at the beach.

  • Kristen A

    Anytime I feel the need something delicious, refreshing & uplifting the Minty Party Starter fills my mouth with joyful flavour!

  • Monique

    When is a good time to enjoy a winetail and why?
    Every evening from the looks of things – crisp, refreshing and oh so yummy!

  • PETA

    Any hour ending in ‘o’clock’….

  • julie bennett

    vodka and mint sounds devine
    beats drinking plain boring wine

  • Nicky

    When is a good time to enjoy a winetail and why?

    When the kids are asleep and I’m feeling beat, a winetail is my special treat while hubby massages my feet!

  • Tmeeka H

    a winetail tastes so fine,
    there can be no set time,
    to enjoy such a wonder,
    in the great down under!

  • Kate

    When my girlfriends and I get together to whine and tell tales about our husbands! : )

  • Biljana

    For quality it is unsurpassed, I drink it slow or drink it fast.
    No matter when, no matter where, Yellow Tail wines get me there!

  • Milica

    At morning or night, drinking Yellow tail wines any time feels all right!
    Everyone can surely see, that Yellow Tail wines are best for me!

  • Tess Howard

    At the beach, or my backyard,
    Enjoying Winetails isn’t hard,
    With friends around to set the mood,
    Add a sprinkle of laughter and good food!

  • Who needs an excuse or a time to enjoy A Winetail? It should be enjoyed any where and everywhere! Too good to had only on special occassions – Winetails need to celebrated all the time!

  • Melissa Turner

    It has to be 5pm somewhere in the world, so it’s always time for a winetail!

  • Chris P

    At the end of a long grueling day, they sure beat “whining and dining”… Cheers!!!

  • Alicia

    Cruising Sydney Harbour with a winetail in my hand;
    A Minty Party Starter ensures the drinks are never bland!

  • Vija

    I love to celebrate the end of the week with wine time.

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