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Posted on January 9, 2012 by ChristieTaste Tests

I was out yesterday with my mum, sister and baby Poppy at the Westfield shopping centre in Hurstville. We were heading towards the fresh food hall to buy some veggies and on the way my mum said:

“Turn left here, just past that strange new Pizza in a Cone place”.

“OK”, I said. “Hang on, did you say pizza in a cone?”

I immediately swung the pram towards the shop. This, I had to see.

After a quick conversation with the friendly girl at the counter I find out it’s a Taiwanese chain and not particularly new globally, but this Hurstville branch is the first one in Sydney (update: I have since found out that this was not the first branch to open, there is also one in Parramatta).

They offer loads of different pizza flavours that are coupled in a meal deal with a chilled tea drink, which also come in many flavours. She gave us a little taste of their honeydew green tea, but it was far too sweet, so I just opted for the pizza on it’s own: a nice safe Hawaiian one.

Novelty factor aside, the pizza is not that great. The ingredients are highly processed (plastic-y cheese, low quality ham) and the pizza base cone is doughy and thick.

However, I didn’t expect much more from a fast food chain and it did what it said and tasted just like a slice of chain pizza would if it was rolled up into a cone.

Not a gourmet snack, but fun nonetheless. Find it on Level 1 next to Smokemart.

Would you brave a pizza in a cone?

Christie x
  • There’s been a Cone Pizza in Parramatta for about a year now…I’m yet to try it, but I find the concept…interesting.

    • Hi Miss Piggy, Oh the girl gave me wrong info! I will update the post. Thanks for letting me know :) Christie

  • CF

    Hyperpalatable frankenfoods, how do people eat this crap and support companies who don’t give a rats arse about your health? They’ve clearly suckered you in too if you dare to even label this food as ‘fun’.

  • Aww the potential for fun was high. A shame that the pizza wasn’t that inspiring!

  • Pizza in a cone? Really? Everything old is new again I guess.

  • Why would anyone want pizza in a cone?

  • Great novelty value indeed! No one expects this to replace a balanced meal, but it looks fun to me :)

  • OOO I LOVE anything from Taiwan :) they’re so innovative with their food ~ these pizza in a cone are great!! I can’t wait to try some :)

  • Now this is something interesting.

  • I’ll leave my description of this as “interesting”…looks like a fat, overloaded souvlaki!

  • Jane

    For heaven’s sake, folks, lighten up. You know, people’s neurotic, paranoid attitudes toward “bad food” are more likely to kill them than the food itself. My goodness.

  • Best way to get pizza in a cone? Take a NYC slice, fold in half to look like cone, eat from bottom up! I bow to your bravery for even trying this, can’t say I would have gotten near it – all in the name of food blogging, right?!

  • Thanks for taking a hit for the team there Christie! You’re nothing if not brave. Haha.

  • Yeah……I think I will give this a miss. On the flip-side, if I made my own and displayed them as cones, it would make great party food!

  • Am I the only one disturbed by the fact that it’s Italian food by an Asian chain? Weird much? Kinda like buying sushi made by a Greek chain….just not good!

    • lee fuk suk

      pizza is chinese go learn history

  • yeah…it looks like a fun concept, but it’s a shame that the quality was not that great.

  • I tried one of these in Brasil. It was pretty dire. I think the philosophy is that everyone will want to try it once, just for the novelty factor.

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