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Posted on January 5, 2012 by ChristieTaste Tests

The first time Poppy and I met Margaret Fulton, Poppy slept blissfully in her pram.

No photo for Poppy. Annoying.

Incredibly, last month I had the opportunity to meet Margaret again, and this time Poppy was ready for her Kodak moment. Say cheese!

OK, I know she’s not smiling, but she’s not crying either – and she’s awake! Miracles do happen.

Margaret is the nicest woman and so obliging with photos and kind words to Poppy. Plus, she baked an incredible cheesecake, but more on that in a minute…

We were invited to a morning tea event hosted by Philadelphia cream cheese ambassador Louise Fulton Keats (author, mum and Margaret’s grand daughter) at her beautiful home.

It was a small gathering of a few mummy bloggers and their adorable children to hear the lovely Louise chat about how she incorporates Philadelphia cream cheese into some delicious baby (and adult) friendly recipes.

I particularly liked her idea of stuffing dates with cream cheese as Poppy really likes dates on their own and her favourite sandwich filling is cream cheese, so together it is a winning snack combination.

We all chatted about some of the difficulties of getting children to try new foods and some super sneaky ways of hiding veggies in meals, but ultimately about how it’s so important to be a good role model by eating a healthy diet. Not to mention the golden rule of offering new foods to little ones at least 10 times, because in most instances they’ll start to like it eventually! Or at least tolerate it out of familiarity. Either way works for me.

Now, onto that cheesecake. It’s one thing to drool over cookbooks with recipes and beautifully styled pictures by Margaret Fulton but it’s something else altogether to actually eat a cake baked especially for you by Margaret Fulton (well, almost just for me).

It was light and rich and creamy with a crunchy moreish crust. On the side was a nice big dollop of Philly Cream for Desserts – by far my favourite Philly product – which tastes a lot like mascarpone, but with a lot less fat.

I’m curious, have you met anyone famous?

Christie x

Fig & Cherry attended the hosted morning tea with compliments of Philadelphia/Kraft and Liquid Ideas (thanks Peta!).

  • Meeting Margaret Fulton must have been a thrill of course, but there’s just one thing on my mind right now…
    How CUTE is Poppy??

  • you lucky thing! She is such a darling. Poppy looks super cute here!

  • rah

    Oh Poppy, if only you knew WHO you were posing with!! Colour me green ;)

  • How wonderful to have met such an icon! A couple of years ago I found an original 1960s Margaret Fulton cookbook under my mother in law’s house and she was ahead of her time in terms of recipes she was introducing to Australia.

  • Ohhh i love philly for desserts too it’s so easy to use and goes with everything for me hahaha

    Poppy’s so so so adorable! I’d love to meet Margaret Fulton one day :)

  • Sounds like a terrific day!

  • Very lovely picture! And Margaret is so switched on-I was at a lunch and she remembered details that others had forgotten. Oh and I loved medjool dates stuffed with a little baton of reggiano too! So salty and sweet :)

  • Oh I love Margaret Fulton! She just seems so sweet and genuine. What a great photo of you guys :) Poppy is just too cute!

  • That’s a special moment and a photo to treasure! I think I would have woken Poppy up the first time though!

    The New Margaret Fulton Cookbook was the very first cookbook I ever owned – it was a gift from my Grandma when I left home in the early to mid 1990s.

    My babies had the opportunity to meet Jane Goodall in June when they were only four months old.

    I have met other famous people, mostly through work. For example, I met and interviewed Youssou N’Dour at his home in Senegal.

  • Awesome pic of the three of you Christie! Margaret is such a gorgeous person, so lovely,and has so many wonderful stories to tell.

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