Lychee season is here: add booze!5

Posted on December 3, 2011 by ChristieDrinks, Taste Tests

They arrived in a beautiful brown cardboard box tied with a red ribbon. Baby Poppy helped me untie the ribbon and then I squealed with delight at its contents. Poppy stared at me blankly, a little freaked out by my sudden outburst.

“Lychee season is here!” I told her excitedly. “You’ve never tasted lychees, do you want to try one?”

I immediately peeled a lychee and popped a small segment into her mouth. She smiled and juice dribbled down her chin. Then she opened her mouth for more. It was love at first lychee.

As far as I’m concerned there are only two ways to enjoy lychees:

1. Straight up. Peeled and eaten immediately. (Slightly frozen are a close 1B).


2. With booze. Preferably gin, or pureed into a martini, or with this granita.

When Poppy went to bed, hubby fixed us both a nice drink of gin and tonic with fresh lychee. Now that’s a great night in!

Christie x

Fig & Cherry received the lychees with compliments of Impact Communications. Thanks Cessie!

  • Oh you lucky thing you! Lychees fresh, frozen,jellied, red curried with duck, fruit saladed with lemongrass, terrined with chicken…….. so many yummy possibilities!

  • Love it! What a fab package to get :) G rated lychees then the R rated once the kids are in bed haha

  • I love lychees but my parents always say they’re bad for you grrrr but how can something so sweet and nice be bad :P

  • Mmmmm! Lychees are very “sexy”…love them in drinks!

  • SoHo is a great lychee liquer ;)

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