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Posted on June 27, 2009 by ChristieTaste Tests, Travel Stories

[Fruit salad from Sun Fruits, Tokyo – Like my hand model? Sorry, he’s taken.]

Afternoon tea never felt so fresh!

After a few hours of checking out the Roppongi district in Tokyo we found ourselves inside the super posh Tokyo Midtown complex. Feeling a little worn out we decided to have a healthier afternoon tea snack (ie. not Mister Donut!).

Out of the corner of my eye I spotted a bright white store with colourful items. On closer inspection they weren’t just any old items they were the most perfectly formed and carefully padded pieces of fruit I’d ever seen! Expensive too. The store was called Sun Fruits. I think they’re a chain.

I didn’t really fancy forking out the equivalent of AUS$20 for one tiny mango the size of a lime, although it did look very beautiful, so I ‘settled’ for this amazing fruit salad instead. Each melon ball was perfectly formed and all the citrus had every teeny bit of pith removed. Heavenly.

Suitably refreshed, we had the energy to explore the Tokyo Tower, which looks fantastic at night! Also, does it remind you of anything? Hint: croissant. Hehe.

[Photo by Dillon @ Morning Copy]

Have a great weekend, Christie x

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  • It’s funny they left the little tops on the strawberries. Do you eat them? I dated a guy who ate those and the peels of oranges.

  • yum! i love fruit in the summer:)

  • Reading this reminds me of all the fun food itmes you see in Japan (and how expensive they are!). Tokyo is still a fascinating place!

  • Ooh yes I’ve walked past a Sun Fruit store (I think we even took a photo of it). Isn’t the fruit in Japan so delicious and sweet!

  • Y

    I think I’ve visited the SunFruits store before too, but only to gawk at the amazing looking (and amazing priced) fruits.

  • That is one sexy, sexy hand. lol!

  • Amazing presentation on the fruit salad, but I suppose you’d expect that in Tokyo. The tower looks great at night.

  • I love that photo of Tokyo Tower at night! I’ve only ever seen it in the daytime. Next time I’m in Tokyo, I’ll check it out at night…Glad to hear you’ve been having so much fun in Japan.

  • Kim

    Great fruit salad, the tower is stunning. Never been to Tokyo, hope you are enjoying yourself.

  • Dying to go to Japan…. although I doubt I’ll be buying any fruit at those prices! Have a great trip.

  • Ju’eta

    You’ve got to love the Japanese don’t you? wish I was there.

  • I really want to go to Japan, great fruit salad

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