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Posted on October 19, 2010 by ChristieTaste Tests

Two posts in a row… I’m on fire this week :P

I’ve got a very yummy freebie for you today. This week, the lovely peeps at Harvest Box sent me one of their snack boxes as well as a special coupon code for my readers to receive their first box free (worth $6.95 including delivery) and their second box half price.

Harvest Box is a new service whereby you choose your favourite healthy snacks from a range of nuts, fruit and crackers and then they box them up and send them straight to your office or home.

See pic above for what they sent me… prunes, dried mango, macadamia nuts, sultanas, pistachios, yoghurt covered berries and candied nuts. Cool, huh?

OK, so I guess you want the code? Click the button below to grab it!

Here it is: 326HNYNA6. Simply enter the code at the checkout. Click here to go to the Harvest Box website.

Happy snacking! Christie x

  • These are so cute! I’m packing some in Mr NQN’s lunchbox :)

  • Thats Nuts! (I make no excuses for this flagrant pun)
    MMM dried mango. I used to snack all day on dried mango when I worked in the organic shop.

  • Omg!

  • *orders* Sounds fun :)

  • Eating now. This stuff is next level!

  • What a delicious idea and service. And thanks ever so much for the code!

  • Super cute. I used to have an office ritual where at 10:30 each morning I’d pull out a container where I’d tumbled in a whole hotch potch of fruit and nuts. Bit of fuel and something to set the watch by…

  • Annmaree (Emu)

    I wasn’t impressed at all with Harvest Box I must say.

    The delivery days are wrong, not good if your ordering on a Friday, so it sits in transit for the whole weekend til you get it on Monday arvo!

    My items were tasteless, not sure if it was because of the delay, or the produce was just bad?

    My Main complaint is they never took one bit of notice of my selections! I specifcally went through and rated my likes and dislikes of all items and I’ve now cancelled after my second box because all they would send me was the items I had said “NO THANKS” to even tho there were pleanty of thigns I would have LOVED to have tried had they given me the chance! So I personally thought they weren’t so great and that it really was not a way to run a business in my opinion.

    But hey that was just my experience… Just thought I should share considering you don’t see or hear many bad reviews about Harvest Box. So it even suprised me!

    • Hi Annmaree, Thanks so much for taking the time to leave this detailed review – really appreciate it! I will forward this onto Harvest Box as I’m sure they would want to hear your feedback so that they can look at where their systems may need to be improved. Thanks again for stopping by and commenting. Christie :)

    • Harvest Box

      Hi Annmaree, We are sorry you are not happy.

      We have sent you an email regarding your issues. I have looked at your account and we know where the issue is. Of our 50+ mixes you have rated out over 85% of our mixes.

      Unfortunately the current ratings system will sometimes struggle with finding mixes you like due to seasonal supply issues. From time to time some of our mixes will be unavailable. When we only have 8 mixes to choose from due to your ratings we can be limited. We do take feedback seriously and are currently changing the system this week to packing 2 mixes of the same rather than sending you a NO mix if we have unavailable mixes. We originally thought this wasn’t a very good option but have listened to feedback!! Also, every month we are increasing our mixes so this issue should be minimal in the future.

      Regarding delivery day. We post in line with Aust Post guidelines to arrive on the selected day. 98% of our boxes arrive on time but sometimes for no apparent reason they can delay the delivery by one day. If this happens regularly we suggest you pick an earlier day to compensate.

      I hope this explains some of the issues you have been having. We don’t like unhappy customers!!!

  • I got my first two Harvest Box. They were of really good quality The only fault I have with them is they sent me spiced nuts when I said I didnt eat those. I have an allergy to spice ingredients so I though this was inappropriate considering I said NO on their site. I cancelled as I have enough nuts now till the new year and it seems pointless to order more. I only wanted once per week and they were sending them twice.

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