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Posted on November 10, 2008 by ChristieTaste Tests

So many recipes, so little time!

I thought a good way to keep track of all the gorgeous recipes I find everyday at my favourite food blogs was to start posting a weekly round up featuring a theme ingredient.

That way I can share my discoveries with you and save a load of bookmarks for myself. Clever, huh?

If you (or I) ever want to find a particular archived ingredient in this series, the nifty little search bar in the top right hand corner will prove very helpful.

This week’s ingredient is FIGS.

Can you believe that I haven’t posted a single fig recipe? Shame on me *slaps hand*. Perhaps this list of delicious recipes will spur me on to actually share a fig recipe in the near future. That is, if I can stop shoving them down my throat long enough to photograph them!

Here we go:

Fig Balsamic Sauce is one of the best uses for figs I have ever seen! That wonderful White On Rice Couple sure are clever. It’s perfect for drizzling over cheese which is another one of my favourite things!
– My deep love of Arnotts Fruit Pillows makes this Fig Bar recipe from LemonPi high up there on my to-do list.
Wild Fig and Rose Ice cream, need I say more? The lovely Not Quite Nigella (she’s better!) has done it again.
– I’m not usually a pizza fan, but Jaden at Steamy Kitchen’s Warm Fig, Apple and Gorgonzola flat bread is something super special indeed.
– Jane Spice, you have my heart with your delicious Fig and Polenta Cake with Cinnamon.
– I could eat Allen’s Cinnamon Fig Jam all day long… and it’s another great accompaniment for cheese!
Baked Figs with Mozarella from Peter at Souvlaki for the Soul is a fabulous combination.
– I think these Fig, Pear and Bacon Wraps from What’s For Lunch Honey? would be oh-so-good with a crispy confit duck leg, don’t you?

Have you got a favourite fig recipe? Leave me a link in the comments.

Happy eating, Christie

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  • Hey Christie! Thanks for the shout out! This is a great little summary. I vote for Meeta.

  • Thanks Christie! I think you’d definitely love the ice cream. And it seems fitting that your first round up would include figs ;)

  • ooh, friend made figs wrapped in prosciutto grilled then drizzled with balsamic for nibbles the other day at lunch. Oh my god, I was stuffing my face!

  • What a great idea to have a favorite recipe roundup. So simple and brilliant. I am jealous of your fresh figs. Figs don’t grow in my area and I haven’t had a fresh one in years!

  • My two figgy favorites from this year are Fig and Rosemary Tart and Lamb with goat cheese and figs

  • ooh, i don’t like to actually eat figs – it’s a texture thing – but i could all over that fig balsamic sauce like…well, like white on rice.

  • Y

    Oh you’ve just reminded me about that ice-cream Lorraine posted about. I still want to make it one day…

  • the wild fig + rose ice cream sounds enticing! figs are perfectly gorgeous & delicious. I love them fresh with granola as posted recently *breakfast beauty + memory of light*. am bummed that fig season is leaving us…..

  • Kim

    Figs are my favorite fruit, so your list is great. I have been on a macaron kick and so I am working on a Fig Macaron.

  • Oh lord, you are a woman after my heart! I knew you LIKED figs (hence the name of the blog, eh?), but a roundup of fig recipes?!! xoxoxo

  • Neroli Blossom

    A sneaky treat: organic dried figs, topped with marinated fetta – too good.

  • Donna

    Incredibly simple, but incredibly delicious –

    3 cups tawny port
    1 1/2 cups granulated sugar
    1 vanilla bean, split and scraped
    1 bag of dried figs

    Steep everything together – magic happens when this is poured over vanilla ice cream!

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