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Posted on May 10, 2009 by ChristieTaste Tests

[Sovereign Hill Raspberry Drops]

Ah, the life of a food blogger – free food!

Last week I got a lovely surprise when packages turned up two days in a row with delicious edible treats! The first to arrive was some Sovereign Hill raspberry drops wrapped in old fashioned brown paper, tied with string and finished with a red wax seal. Posh!

I’m not really a fan of boiled lollies as they’re overly sweet for my palate but the boys in the office gobbled them up to the tune of 3 or more a day! They were a hit. I suppose it’s very nostalgic to suck on boiled sweets throughout the day – I used to always try and sneak them during class when I was younger.

If you fancy a blast from the past, then good news, because they’re available to buy online at the Sovereign Hill shop.

[Carman’s Muesli Rounds]

Next to arrive was Carmans Muesli Rounds. A new ‘breakfast-on-the-run’ snack that’s also low GI. I found them a little dry, but did like the strong ginger taste – kind of like a healthy gingerbread.

Cinnamon was also very prominent but that didn’t surprise me as I’ve eaten Carman’s museli before and that’s one of the best features. You don’t often find pre-packaged muesli with cinnamon but it makes sense as I always sprinkle cinnamon on top of my yoghurt when eating muesli.

These arrived at 11am – the mid morning snacking hour – so were quickly devoured and definitely kept us full until lunch. At $4.99 for a box of five they’re good value.

A big thank you to the girls at Media Moguls for sending these treats to me!

Trip to London

My life otherwise is still packing up my house into storage for my upcoming business trip to London. I’m almost done and leave next Thursday 14th May. Sorry in advance if my posts become erratic!

Chat soon, Christie x

  • Ju’eta

    Love the packaging for the lollies!

  • Lucky you!! The lollies sound like my type of thing (especially raspberry flavored).

  • Nice score! I like the Carmen’s range of museli so will have to try out the rounds if I ever come across them.

  • Gotta love the freebies! Those boiled sweets really bring back memories…now I’m beginning to sound like my father. Take care with all that packing…I despise moving!

  • Ginger and cinnamon sounds like a great flavour for a muesli bar. The wax seal on the lollies is cute too!

  • Cool! lucky you – trying new products! :)

  • K

    the raspberry drops look so good! the packaging too!

  • Mandy

    I have tried Carman’s Rounds, and they are amazing! I have only found them at Coles so far.

  • Fly safe gorgeous, see you on the flip side!

  • This is just a short note to let you know you have been awarded on my blog:


  • Wow, such tantalizing treats!!

    Have a safe trip!!

    I jut discovered your blog, and I truly adore it. I cannot wait to read more :-)

  • Lovely packaging for the lollies. Very sweet.

  • Raspberry

    I’ve been to Sovereign Hill before and everyone told me to buy the raspberry drops amd they are absolutely delicious! I still have a kar stashed somewhere so I can eat them all without anyone stealing any. Hehe. (:

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