Can you guess what these are?6

Posted on May 7, 2012 by ChristieTaste Tests

Baby cucumbers? Zucchinis?

No, but good guesses. 

These little babies are avocados!

I found them at Lennox Head Markets a few weekends ago and got the whole bag for $2.50. The lovely farmer lady told me that these grow on avocado trees when the flowers aren’t pollenated and therefore have no seeds inside. As you can see above.

The flesh is still delicious and creamy as you would expect from a regular sized avocado, just easier to slice through. I think they would be great in school lunch boxes.

Have you seen these before? I expect if you have an avocado tree you have!

Christie x
  • How cool are these!? I would keep a few in my handbag to munch on during the day!

  • Wow have never seen these before! Love reading about interesting produce.

  • How cute. Do they taste the same?

  • Too cute!! Love that theeres no seed too – perfect for on the go lunches or snacks

  • Wow! How cute!

  • Sweethoney

    These are called Cocktail Avocados. I love them :) yumyumy, its too bad they are very hard to find.

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