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Posted on March 21, 2008 by ChristieTaste Tests

Leonidas Chocolates
[Leonidas chocolates, Belgium]

Happy Easter everyone! Even if you don’t celebrate the religious significance, you can still enjoy all the chocolate that’s around at the moment.

The picture above is chocolates left over from our trip to Brussels a few weeks ago. I bit into them so that you can see the luscious fillings; hazelnut praline, coffee and butter cream, I’m nice, aren’t I? They’re from a shop called Leonidas, which is a chain that has stores all over the world including the US, UK and Australia, but it’s a Belgian brand so it was nice to get them from the source.

When I was shooting this, I was thinking of my mum and sisters – they are absolute chocoholics. I really wish I could share these with them but I’d need to get on a plane for 22 hours. Sorry guys, no can do.

Easter this year will just be The Bear and I and this is what I’m planning to cook us for Sunday lunch:

Butternut squash, chickpea and chorizo soup
Roast lamb with rosemary and lemon
Roast potatoes and courgettes (zucchini) with garlic and chilli

No dessert – we’ll probably just polish off the rest of the Leonidas chocolates and if I’m lucky maybe he’ll get me a lovely dark chocolate bunny. (Hint, hint).

What are you planning to make for Sunday lunch or dinner? I’d love to know.

Happy cooking, Christie

  • Kim

    Holding out were you! Not only the best mussels and pomme frites in the world, but the best chocolate!!! Happy Easter.

  • Hi Kim,

    I was rationing myself, actually! Otherwise I’ll never fit into my bikini when I get back home… Happy Easter to you too.

  • We have a Leonidas right down the street from the office. I agree with you, their chocolates are wonderful. Hope you enjoyed yourself–your Easter feast sounded delish!

  • Love the half bitten chocolates! I swear every year my Easter basket had half -eaten candies from that darn Bunny! -A

  • Thanks Aaron! My husband ate the other halves… I bit into them at 9am just for the sake of the shot (the light was good!) and I felt a bit sick afterwards… it was worth it though!

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