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Posted on March 20, 2009 by ChristieTaste Tests

[Pineapple Jerky]

Have you ever heard of fruit jerky? Me neither.

That’s until the guys at Jerky.com posted me some samples of their newest product – pineapple jerky. I’ve heard of beef jerky and even kangaroo jerky, but never a fruit based jerky! So I was intrigued to try it.

If you’ve got a sweet tooth then you’re going to love this. It’s got a firm texture and is sweet without being cloying. If you’re concerned about health (aren’t we all?) then think of it as dried fruit with a jazzed up jerky name.

What I’m most impressed about this product is the ingredients list. Pineapple and honey. That’s it. Which is very cool considering the long lists of weird numbers you find on snack packages these days. Plus the pineapples are from beautiful Maui in Hawaii so they must be good for you!

Here’s my Top 5 Ways to Enjoy Pineapple Jerky:

  1. Add to muesli: it’s always nice to find a sweet and chewy surprise in your morning bowl of goodness. Plus it adds a delightful tropical flavour.
  2. Decorate cakes: sliced and fanned over cream cheese icing on a carrot cake would not only be pretty, but a complimentary flavour addition too. Especially if you’re one of those people who adds canned pineapple to their carrot cake.
  3. Compote, stewed fruit, crumbles: chop it up and add to any of these to impart a tropical pineapple flavour and soften the texture into delicious gooeyness (if that’s even a real word!).
  4. Eat as a snack: sometimes simple ideas are the best. Just open the package and nibble away. It’s a perfectly portioned slice.
  5. Garnish cocktails: they’re just begging to sit alongside a pina colada, don’t you think? Lie in a hammock and enjoy the afternoon!

I’m experimenting with a few recipes and if any are good enough I’ll post them up soon. In the meantime, if you want to try the pineapple jerky for yourself check out Jerky.com for details.

Happy cooking! Christie x

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  • Nope never heard of a fruit jerkey! but i would eat it all just like that, if i got one:-)

  • Great ideas dahlink! I’m worried customs has my package :( I’m dying to taste it!

  • Debzillah

    You’ve reminded me that I have a perfectly wonderful food dehydrator sitting in my cupboard gathering dust! I may just go home and dry some fruit tonight :)

  • Y

    Aww I thought you made your own jerky! :)

  • Very cool! Nice review. It’s good to know the ingredients are just pineapple and honey. I’m always turned off by processed foods because of all the fake ingredients.

  • I like the look of the dried pineapple. It’s like a flower.

  • OOohhh Jerkkyyy fruit-style! So it tastes very similar to dried pineapple? I like the sound of honey mmmmm and are there any other jerked fruit like mango :)?

  • heh it’s awesome hey! i couldnt stop eating it and barely managed to take a photo before i scoffed it all mmm omnomnom

  • Very nice review Christie :) for me the word jerky is beef…till today!

    Love dried fruits but in particular the combo pineapple and honey sounds yummmmylicious!


  • Isn’t jerky in this context just some marketing-guru-wannabe’s way of making dried fruit sound cool?

    Sounds yummy. Looks like this though.

  • I love dried fruit! The pineapple jerky looks so good!

  • It would probably also be good in a rice pudding!

  • Interesting. We got told to give our daughter jerky because she chews so constantly – she has a special chewing tube to wear at PreSchool but chews on her fingers, toys etc. I didn’t really like the idea of beef jerky but a fruit jerky would be a good alternative.

  • Interesting! So it’s probably much like regular dried fruit w/ an added sweet element? The fact that they call in ‘jerky’ makes it a little more catchy perhaps. Sounds great though!

  • Didn’t know there was such a thing as pineapple jerky! It looks like a flower!

  • these must be delicious. Wish to try them :)

  • Wow, everyone seems to love Pineapple jerky!

    @Soma – You’re right. They were lovely just on their own.
    @Lorraine – Oh no! Hope you receive yours soon.
    @Debzillah – Ooh I’m jealous! I’d love to make my own dried fruit, it’s so much healthier.
    @Y – Sorry to disappoint you darling! I have been inspired though…
    @Joie de vivre – Me too. There’s so many nasty chemicals and things. It’s refreshing to find products that are really natural.
    @Arwen – I thought that too! Looks like a pretty flower.
    @FFichiban – Yes, just like dried pineapple, yum! I think there’s only pineapple available at the moment, but mango would be delicious.
    @ChocolateSuze – Yep, that sounds like you! :)
    @Gera – Me too, I always associated jerky with beef, but now my eyes are opened to the possibilities!
    @Simon – LOL, yes it’s dried fruit. That link is hilarious! :)
    @Michelle – I loved dried fruit too, that’ s why I was so happy to get some of this for free!
    @Olga – What a fantastic idea. With a bit of coconut it would be a wonderful tropical treat.
    @Leechbabe – I’m so glad you found my post. Fruit jerky would be much healthier and it sure it chewy!
    @Recipe Girl – Jerky is a cooler name! :)
    @Hillary – I know, I love the way it looks like a flower too!
    @Snooky Doodle – They are very sweet and yummy :)

  • An old issue of Martha Stewart Living magazine (from 2003?) features a tiered cake with white frosting decorated with these dehydrated pineapple “flowers.” Very beautiful. I have thought about making some myself, but not until I can save enough money to buy a good, professional mandoline. This could take a while.

  • It looks like a sunflower! I bet it would be wonderful on salads with some toasted nuts!

  • Pineapple Jerky??? Fantastic! Gotta try some!

  • Clever marketing! I think you can get “dried fruit” in most Asian groceries – I’ve seen mango, prune, and paw paw before. Delicious nonetheless!

  • Nope, I’ve never heard of fruit jerky. Looks very pretty!

  • @Leela – Oh really? It sounds like a Martha Stewart idea :) I’d love a dehydrator too, but fear I won’t use it enough for the amount I’d pay.
    @Heidi – They do look like sunflowers! And they would be perfect with nuts – great idea.
    @FinsMom – It’s really yummy!
    @Forager – Hehe, yes it’s marketing, but the name is really cute.
    @Anita – I think they’re pretty too :)

  • That sounds great. I usually hate dried pineapple because it’s covered in sugar and tastes like a sweet piece of plastic.

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