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Posted on October 20, 2008 by ChristieRestaurants

It’s me! And my favourite pink satin jacket. I wore it many years ago with a matching skirt to my graduation from Journalism school – and yes, I was the only young lady wearing pink! Well, fuchsia actually. These days I just wear the jacket with jeans so I don’t cause an accident. As you can see, it’s quite bright.

There were 5 of us girls at this late night affair; ChocolateSuze, Morsels & Musings, Grab Your Fork, Not Quite Nigella and of course me. We all made a last minute decision to go and get a Sugar Hit after attending another event.

We had a few hiccups before we finally got our sugar rush. First, I directed the cab in the wrong direction (oops!) and then second, the place we wanted to go had run out! A few frantic phone calls followed and then our very understanding cab driver whisked us across town to the Kings Cross Hotel.

The dessert was a Black & White Tasting Plate consisting of a Warm Chocolate fondant & Frangelico Chocolate Sauce, White Chocolate Panna Cotta & Grand Marnier Rhubarb and Bitter Chocolate Sorbet & Champagne Raspberry. Phew!

I’m not a fan of white chocolate in any form and I felt the Panna Cotta was too sweet because of it. I personally prefer more emphasis on a rich creamy taste, perhaps with a little vanilla bean for sweetness. Although it had the perfect amount wobble so it gets a thumbs up for not being chock full of gelatine.

The Chocolate Fondant was very rich and chocolate-y, just how I like it. Although, like Helen, I couldn’t taste much Frangelico in the sauce, but it was nice and glossy and warm all the same.

I’m a bit disappointed with the use of frozen raspberries, they were mushy and again not a very strong champagne taste. I liked the rhubarb compote but it came atop a weird crumbly biscuit that seemed very out of place.

The one thing I most enjoyed was the accompanying glass of Brown Brothers orange muscat – delish! I’m not a big dessert wine fan but this one really took my fancy.

It was my first taste of the Sugar Hit desserts for Good Food Month and I’m really looking forward to more. In fact, I’ve been invited to a another sugary event this Friday night, but I’m sworn to secrecy, so you’ll have to stay tuned for more info later in the week.

Happy eating! Christie

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Sugar Hit at the Kings Cross Hotel
Level 1 Balcony
248 William Street, Kings Cross, Sydney
Ph: +61 (02) 9358 3377
Available every night in October between 9pm-11pm.

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  • It was a fun night and good to see you again! I can’t believe that we left at midnight, it seemed earlier than that. Or maybe I was waiting for the more sloppy drunks to come out ;)

  • heh ‘i like cream. do you like cream?’ =D

  • Nothing beats dining “al fresco”…especially at night!

  • What a fun night to be able to taste eveything even though some were sub par. And I love the jacket!

  • Sweet jacket! And I like your hair.
    That panna cotta looks soooooooo good! I’m a huge white chocolate fan.

  • Oh come on! Let’s see your pretty faces :)

  • Sassy jacket! No boogie afterwards? :-)

  • Wish I could have joined you on the adventure but I had to be up bright and early the following morning. I’m looking forward to hearing about your “other” sugar hit experience soon :)

  • Lorraine – I’m usually an early to bed girl, but not when I have such fun people to talk to!

    ChocolateSuze – Yes! Haha. I’ll ask everyone!

    Peter – Absolutely!

    Noble Pig – Very true, it was a great night.

    Angela – Thanks very much!

    Dilsta – Haha. You get to see mine everyday :)

    FoodJunkie – No dancing this time! We were exhausted. Maybe next time…

    Lisa – Such a shame! Def next time.

  • what a fun night out with great friends. love that shade of pink ~ any pink is good, even in drinks + dessert ;-) with chocolate of course!

  • Ohh yuuummmmm haha must taste extra good after all that drama ;) and great back shot hee hee

  • Taste Memory Girl – Agreed! I love pink.

    FFichiban – Sure did!

  • mmm, orange muscat is my absolute favourite dessert wine! I adore it, although I am not a massive fan of dessert wines or sweet things in general. Oh, and nice jacket!

  • That’s a cute jacket!! I love the pop of color, now you just need to turn around…..! ;)
    What a fun evening. I would have thoroughly enjoyed that muscat!

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