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Posted on November 23, 2009 by ChristieRestaurants, Travel Stories

Rockefeller cafe burger

Love the view and the HUGE portions!

30 Rock is one of my favourite TV shows so I was very excited to have lunch at the Rockefeller Center in New York City where the show is set.

During Winter, a public ice skating rink is set up, and the cafe is located right beside it (with a glass window separating you and the skaters).

It’s a cosy little restaurant with very attentive waiters who make it their priority you never have an empty water glass.

But let’s get onto the food…

A plentiful bread basket arrived, however, I knew better than to devour it as I wanted to order pasta.

Hubby had the burger which was served with a super big portion of fries and onion rings. That does not count as two portions of vegetables – according to me!

Apparently it was very juicy and full of flavour with nice cheese that wasn’t those horrible plastic squares that masquerade as cheese at fast food ‘restaurants’.

Rockefeller cafe pasta

Double the amount of pasta I normally eat!

It was a chilly day so I wolfed this down. The creamy tomato sauce went really well with the prawns (shrimp!), roasted eggplant and herbs.

BUT, it was served with Parmesan cheese on top – what the hell? Any self-respecting Italian will tell you not to serve cheese on seafood pasta. That’s a food crime.

I would have left the cheese off if I was given a choice.

Rockefeller cafe view

The view from my seat.

We saw a few people fall over (oops!) and some people were really impressive. They must have been practicing during Summer (?!).

BTW, I love following 30 Rock actors on Twitter (their real, not character accounts) – Tracy Morgan, Judah Friedlander, maybe you will too?

Travel update

Currently I’m enjoying beautiful San Fransisco. In a few days we’re starting a road trip South-bound on HWY 1 along the coast towards LA.

Be sure to follow me on Twitter or Facebook for more regular updates.

I’ll keep you posted, Christie

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  • Aahh! You bring back so many memories Christie…I love the Rockfeller Centre and the ice skating rink is a lot of fun in the winter time.

  • Oh my gosh, I am sure back at home in your mailbox is a envelope with a job offer from some big travel agency…..When I look at this, I just want to hop on the next plane….the fries and onions are good enough reasons already!!!

  • I did this same trip this summer. NYC was undoubtedly a bit hotter then! We also headed to California, SF, Berkley and the stunning drive down HW1. Have a fantastic time and see what amazing Californian salads you can pick up there. Berkeley was a great place to visit for food and we went to a cool little late-night sushi place called Ryokos in SF. If you find yourself in Santa Barbara, I wouldn’t recommend the Palace Grill, although lots of people tell you to go there.

    Loving the blog, bringing back good memories. Have fun!

  • LOOOOVE Rockefeller Center!!

  • Food crime or not that looks amazing. Your photograph is making my mouth water!

  • @PeterG – Glad to hear it! I didn’t get to ice skate, maybe next time.
    @Nina – Well I hope so Nina! Cross your fingers for me :)
    @RonFluff – Thanks for the Sushi tip. We are heading to Japantown for dinner tonight – the sushi in SF is amazing! I’m really looking forward to our road trip, sounds like you had a blast.
    @VeggieGirl – He! It’s cool isn’t it? :)
    @Dawn – You’re right, it was still very yummy :)

  • The weather looks a whole lot nicer than Sydney on Sunday. You had a great view and I love the size of the pasta dish :)

  • Christie
    You were a mere 35 minutes away and you did not call me.
    So sad
    ‘The French Guy from New Jersey’

  • Huge portions! that’s America for you. Can’t wait to hear about San Fransisco, my fav city in the US

  • I love the way you get to watch the iceskating! The food looks nice, but maybe you need to share if they’re that huge.

  • mm i miss new york! The last time I was there was about 4 years ago! I really want to visit during Xmas time.
    Your photo looks delicious.

  • I have to say, I’m rather a fan of processed cheese on burgers (aka. slappy cheese)!

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