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Posted on May 23, 2008 by ChristieRestaurants

[Coconut crusted fish with baked pumpkin wedges, green beans and red curry sauce]

[Beer battered fish served with salad and steak fries]

On a gorgeous Sunday morning we jump in the car and head to Salt; a beautiful new residential resort community on NSW’s north coast. It’s been described as the “quintessential Australian seaside village” which perfectly sums up this extremely picturesque part of Australia. (Although I still love Lennox Head best!).

The Saltbar & Bistro has prime positioning with a wrap-around balcony overlooking the ocean. Add to that a buzzing bar and comfy booth seating, and you’ll understand why it’s easy to hang out there all day long.

Another very good reason is the food. It’s fresh, local and old classics are jazzed up with a nice little twist to keep it interesting. Take the beer battered fish with salad and steak fries for example (pictured above). Sounds a little boring, right? Nope, check out the salad – large chunks of creamy feta and flavoursome sun dried tomatoes lift it well up and over the mediocrity of a “side salad”. I also love the name steak fries, I think it refers to fat chips, but makes them sound a million times more drool worthy.

The rib fillet steak sandwich on ciabatta bread clinched the deal for me because it featured beetroot, onion jam and aioli. As soon as I saw beetroot on the menu I was hooked. I love beetroot. Actually, I think all Aussies are a sucker for it and this was no exception. The sandwich was all the better for it and the steak was nicely cooked and juicy.

But the winning dish of the day was the coconut crusted fish served on baked pumpkin wedges, topped with green beans and red curry sauce. I didn’t order it, but as soon as it arrived an attack of food envy kicked in with full force; my beetroot craving went straight out the window. As you can see from the picture above, the presentation was spot on and the flavour combinations really work well together. Not to mention it’s a much healthier option than white bread and chips.

A delicious bottle of wine and a few beers rounded out the meal nicely.

My verdict? A fantastic view with food to match. Check it out.

Happy eating, Christie

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The Saltbar & Bistro
Bells Boulevard, Kingscliff
NSW Australia 2487
Ph: (02) 6674 5587

  • sjc

    dear fig and cherry
    you forgot to tell eveyone that poppa bear was the clever diner who selected the winning dish of the day – the coconut crusted fish served on baked pumpkin wedges, topped with green beans and red curry sauce.

  • i’m loving that first picture, i’m drooling on my desk over here.

    if only it weren’t thousands of miles away from me. my drooling will go unrequited, sigh.

  • Jaw dropping open with the beer battered fish…it looks so, so good.

  • Kim

    Hey Christie-
    Love the photos! The first meal is so my kind of food. Love it!

  • HI SJC,
    You’re quite right. Let me proclaim to the world that it was you who chose the winning dish! ;)

    Hi Michelle,
    Sigh, sorry! Perhaps a visit down under is in order?

    Hi Noble Pig,
    I didn’t get to taste it, but yes it did look fab. Mama Bear was the one who made that excellent selection! She’s a very clever lady.

    Hi Kim,
    Thanks! I think I’m going to have to try making that coconut fish… people seem to have warmed to it.

  • anonymous

    RAW FOOD!!!!!!


    Do not take a chance and eat here. We were served raw food and as a result my partner was sick for 2 weeks. Raw chicken was on the burger we were served; it was pink.

    I contacted ‘people’ within the organization and we were told that no one is responsible and no one is accountable for what happened.

    This is not acceptable behaviour for something as serious as this.

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