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Posted on May 13, 2008 by ChristieRestaurants

[Point Cafe, Bacon and scrambled eggs with grilled tomato and Turkish toast]

[Point Cafe, Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon and rye sourdough toast]

I’m back in Lennox Head this week visiting my lovely in-laws in their fantastic new house and am very excited to try all the new restaurants that have sprung up.

But first The Bear and I had breakfast at an oldie, but a goodie, the Point Cafe. This is where the locals go to get excellent value for money and speedy, friendly service. It wasn’t too busy this morning and we got a great spot outside in the sun; heaven after our chilly time in Milton Keynes and we joyfully soaked up the rays like a pair of lounging lizards.

In just a few minutes our flat whites were delivered and they were complex and nutty like coffee should be. I wonder what kind of milk they used because they were incredibly creamy and had a nice thick crema on top.

My salmon eggs benedict was perfect. I was cursing myself after ordering because I like to get the hollandaise sauce on the side. I think Chef’s are often too heavy handed and it overpowers all the other ingredients. But I need not have worried because when it arrived there was just the right amount to coat the eggs without drowning them.

The eggs themselves were beautifully poached and the salmon was very fresh. My favourite part was the rye sourdough bread; it had a nice strong taste and a pleasant chewy texture.

The Bear’s bacon and scrambled eggs were good too. Nice fluffy scrambled eggs that hadn’t been moved around in the pan too much. I get annoyed by people who think the ‘scrambling’ gets done in the pan, it makes the eggs watery, yuck. The Bear felt they could do with a little more salt and adjusted this himself.

The Point Cafe has a great location (the ocean is crashing just a few feet away), great food, perky service and is sure to please. I’ll be back, maybe even as soon as tomorrow!

Happy eating, Christie

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The Point Café
Rayner Lane, Lennox Head
Ph: 02 6687 6500
Open 7 days

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  • This sounds like a wonderful breakfast place, and I can hardly wait to try to recreate the salmon eggs benny!

  • Sounds like a great place. The food looks delicious.

    I’m so sorry for this behavior but I have not had eggs benedict for so long….

  • Kyliemm84

    My fav combination – salmon & eggs!
    Looks gorgeous, will have to give the eggs benedict a go as I have not tried that yet.

  • May I ask–what is Turkish toast? Please don’t laugh at me! I have never heard of that before.


  • Hi Deborah,
    It was really nice – I have to admit I’m terrible at poaching eggs that’s why I always order them out!

    Hi Noble Pig,
    It sure was! :)

    Hi Tigerfish,
    You’re funny! Neither had I and was relishing it!

    Hi Kylie,
    Me too! I hope you’re better at poaching eggs than me, good luck.

    Hi Tangobaby,
    Don’t worry, you’re safe here ;)

    Turkish bread is a type of long rectangular unleavened bread from Turkey but not completely flat like pita bread from Lebanon. It’s cooked in a wood fired oven and is about a quarter of the height of a regular loaf of bread and topped with sesame seeds. It’s very light inside with air pockets, kind of like the holes in swiss cheese.

    It’s absolutely delicious sliced in half horizontally and toasted. I think the Point Cafe grilled the bread on a hot plate because it was perfectly brown all over and not burnt in places where the bread is thinner because of the air pockets – this often happens when you put it in the toaster.

    Hope this helps you imagine it!

  • i wan bacon……. and the egg… look so yummy….

    how long i have to wait until the sun rise… i wan to EAT……

    SOme one help meeeeeeeee………….:(

  • Those both look like excellent breakfasts. I will have to remember to add some smoked salmon to my eggs benedict the next time I make them.

  • Hi Penang Tua Pui,
    Haha, you’re funny. I always make the mistake of reading food blogs late at night too ;)

    Hi Kevin,
    Me too – I love scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and lots of black pepper!

  • Tangobaby, I was just going to ask what Turkish toast was myself, so you’re not alone.

    Eggs Benedict is an old favorite of mine. Yum!

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