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Posted on June 21, 2010 by ChristieRestaurants

A few weekends ago I went to the beautiful Blue Mountains with my hubby to celebrate his 30th birthday.

We got up close and personal with nature (and the log fire – it’s winter in Oz!) while staying at A Bower Above. It was a cosy little apartment set in the picturesque town of Blackheath.

We deliberately ate at low-key local places throughout the weekend away because we had a booking at Tetsuya’s (which I made last December in order to get a table!) and knew that the 10 course degustation was going to be sinfully rich and delicious.

However, on hubby’s actual birthday I wanted to go somewhere a little bit posher and that’s how we ended up at Echoes Boutique Hotel and Restaurant for lunch.

The view from the dining room is nothing short of spectacular. If you’re in the Blue Mountains it’s worth a trip even if you’re not eating or staying at the hotel.

We started with pesto & parmesan bread which was a generous serve of five large pieces spread with freshly made pesto and oozing melting cheese. Definitely an ‘appetizer’ in the true sense of the word.

I ordered the seared salmon fillet with pine nut crust, sea scallops, julienne of vegetables & lime saffron jus. I haven’t been eating enough fish lately and wanted to give my baby a good boost of omega 3’s (I’m pregnant).

The fish and scallops were perfectly cooked but the saffron sauce was a little over powering. I really enjoyed the buttery julienned snow peas though.

Hubby ordered the rabbit and mushroom pie with cassoulet of beans and declared it very good. I think the presentation is very pretty, don’t you?

We didn’t have dessert because we picked up an apple tea cake from the famous Blackheath Bakery nearby. It turned out to be a little dry which was disappointing, but then the next night we had the most amazing desserts at Tetsuya’s so that made up for it!

Coming up

Apologies for the lack of posts lately, things have been quite crazy and I’ve been feeling quite tired from being pregnant – 5 months now!

I do have a regular Friday segment that will be quite fun and the first post starts this Friday so keep your eyes peeled.

Until then, have a great week. Christie x

  • Great post Christie. The salmon dish is seriously moorish. What a great sounding weekend starting in the mountains and finishing up at Tetsuya’s, what fun!

  • That salmon dish looks delicious!! Congrats on reaching 5-months. I couldn’t take my wife anywhere at 5-months every dish tasted like metalic to her :)

    • Hi Shanks – Oh no! That’s terrible! I haven’t had any weird sensations like that, but I have heard of some ladies tasting metal. Fingers crossed I don’t! Christie

  • Y

    Glad to see you posting even though you have so much going on at the moment. Happy Birthday to Dillon!!

  • Thanks – tastiest birthday on record!

    • You’re welcome! :) Congrats on a cool milestone b’day.

  • YW

    Everytime I go to Blue Mountains always not sure where to eat… this place looks great!!! Definitely noting this down ..

    All the best with your pregnancy too!!

  • Jen

    The food looks mouthwatering delicious!

  • I was salivating when I saw the pesto bread. I have a thing for pesto… shhhh ;)

    So jealous about Tetsuya. i’d love to diner there one day

  • I just had dinner, and that’s making me hungry…. again!

  • Five months! how time flies! It feels like only a month or two ago that you shared your wonderful news with me! :) glad to see D had a great birthday too :)

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