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The best donuts in Tokyo?

I didn’t try all the donuts in Tokyo but these are the best I’ve tasted so far – in my life. I’m a fan of the cinnamon sugar donut and I don’t like iced donuts. I might be the only weirdo who doesn’t but that’s OK. I just don’t do super-sweet.

Dillon, on the other hand, has a sweet tooth. I find it strange that I prefer savoury/salty and he loves sweet/chocolatey. Isn’t it meant to be the other way around with boys and girls?

Let’s not dwell on that and get back to Mister Donut. It’s a global chain but is extremely popular in Japan with more than a thousand stores across the country. We stopped for morning tea while checking out a very cool part of Tokyo called Akihabara, or ‘Electric Town‘. It’s jam-packed with stores selling electronic equipment of every variety under the sun and quite frankly Dillon was in heaven.

As someone who’s a keen people-watcher it was really interesting to see the ordering behaviour of customers in Mister Donut. It seemed to be the norm to go there alone, order 3 to 5 donuts and sit and read manga or magazines for hours on end – I guess the free coffee and tea refills has something to do with it.

[The best donut this girl has ever eaten!]

I personally cannot eat 5 donuts in one sitting but can do 2 with relative ease. My favourite sweet flavour (above) was cinnamon sugar. There was the perfect amount and type of sugar; the grains were super small but not powdery and the cinnamon wasn’t too strong.

But the thing that pushes this donut right out in front of any I’ve ever eaten is the texture. Let me try and describe it. It’s semi-crispy on the outside and gorgeously chewy on the inside. Kind of like a really really good homemade marshmallow. Or a profiterole, but not so pastry like. It has big air pockets like freshly baked bread and it kind of stretchy like that too.

Can you imagine it? I did say I’d try and describe it. Absolutely heavenly.

My favourite savoury ‘donut’ (not pictured, it was on another visit!) was a little lattice pastry with a frankfurter inside. It also had a smear of really hot mustard and some tomato sauce. Super tasty (and a bit naughty, considering I ate it for breakfast!). Hehe.

I drank an iced tea which was just that – tea, chilled. Perfect. It wasn’t sweet at all (thank goodness) and came with an adorable little sachet of ‘liquid lemon’, lemon juice (see first pic above). You can also ask for liquid sugar if you want to sweeten it.

[Mini-hamburger ‘donuts’. Super sweet lil things, sans fries]

Dillon’s little treasure find was these mini-hamburgers (above). Aren’t the the cutest?! Or as they say in Japan – Kawaii! I mean, they’re not ‘Hello Kitty’ or anything, but still. One was chocolate flavour and the other was strawberry. They were sickeningly sweet to me but if you have a sweet tooth then I recommend them.

They even came with a little packet of ‘fries’ but we didn’t get any. There’s only so much sugar you should ingest mid-morning!

[Street scene in Akihabara ‘Electric Town’, Tokyo]

We spent the rest of the morning checking out all the shops at Akihabara including the game arcades where we got those cute little mini photos done in a booth and added cute little characters, stars and sparkles over our faces. I have to say, those booths make your skin and eyes so shiny, it’s very flattering!

I must also mention the very cute school girls in large groups giggling and carrying on while crossing the busy roads in this area. It was very funny. If you get over to Tokyo then definitely check out Akihabara (and grab a donut or 2!).

Until the next exciting episode… Christie x

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  • Mmm donuts.

  • Iced tea and a donut sounds like a wickedly good combo.

  • I’ve found recently more male friends have a sweeter tooth than my girlfriends. I’m not a fan of doughnuts nor cinnamon, so these might be my worst nightmare!

  • Ju’eta

    How awesome!! I love the shape of the donuts! What’s in between in the burger buns? Are they just choc blocks?

  • Kim

    Donuts are my weakness! Don’t tell me that I have to go clear across the world to get the best donuts, the wait will be too long.

  • How adorable are the burgers? Did you buy anything fun from Akihabara? They’ve got all sorts of cool things that don’t even make it outside of Japan. Can’t wait for your kaiseki post! :)

  • Glad to see there’s some more donut lovers out there!

    @Dillon – I know you miss Mister Donut too ;)
    @Natty – It really was – quite surprising actually!
    @Lizzie – Oh no! Don’t like cinnamon, how strange!
    @Ju’eta – The shape is the best! Little chewy nuggets to nibble off. The burger fillings were perfectly formed little pieces of ‘cheese’ and things – they were different flavours, chocolate, strawberry, ‘generic sugar sweet’!.
    @Kim – Hehe. I’m sure there’s some fab donuts in the US, I just haven’t been there to compare!
    @Lorraine – Since we’re doing so much travelling we are trying not to buy too many souvenirs, so no gadgets from Akihabara unfortunately :)

  • I love Mister Donut! I don’t have a sweet tooth either, but last time I was in Thailand I became hooked on their donuts. It’s definately the texture…so light and slightly yeasty…yum.

  • Definitely my kind of doughnut! This was a fun post to read. Thanks for sharing your travel adventures!

  • K

    YAY FOR MISTER DONUT! the donut burgers are actually a cross over of mos burgers and mr donut i think. YAY FOR MOS BURGERS TOO! LOL

  • More donut lovers! Yay!

    @HedonisticHostess – I didn’t realise they had them in Thailand! Isn’t the texture amazing?
    @Shari – Glad you enjoyed it!
    @K – I went to MOS burger in Tokyo too ;)

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  • I’m glad to finally find out I’m not the only weirdo who doesn’t like iced donuts. Cinnamon and sugar are the only way to go! Can’t wait to read more about your amazing trip :)

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  • This summer I tried the green tea bear donut. It was sooo cute. When I first went to Mister Donut I thought they were a japanese brand because we don’t have them in France.

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