Marrickville Rd Cafe now also Girl on a Swing wine bar!9

Posted on November 25, 2011 by ChristieFood News, Restaurants

My favourite cafe in Marrickville is now open in the evenings for drinks with live music – how exciting! Yes, Marrickville is getting trendier by the second, but shhhhh don’t tell anyone, we want to keep it our little secret for now.

Marrickville Rd Cafe by day, and now¬†Girl on a Swing Wine Bar by night (due to the painted mural on the wall, see pic above), is a popular local spot for good coffee, delicious food featuring locally sourced ingredients and friendly staff. The owners, Sacha and Jane, know most of their customers by name and vice versa. It’s a great place to hang out – which Poppy and I do, several times a week!

Last week Poppy, hubby and I headed down to the launch party to take a few pictures and boogie to the live band playing jazz and funk.

The party was to celebrate that the cafe will now be open all day and into the evenings on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays (in addition to their regular Mon-Sun daytime hours). They’ll be serving alcoholic drinks (beer, wine, cocktails) and food (more on that in a minute) with live music until 10pm or so, depending on how many people rock up.

It’s a fantastic idea because there aren’t many (according to me, any) good options for a drink before or after dinner in Marrickville and this cafe has a comfy outdoor seating area which is excellent for people watching. With quite a few new restaurants opening up, now is the perfect time for a cafe-slash-bar, at least that’s what Sacha and Jane are hoping!

Sorry, I have been teasing you. You are really just reading this to find out about the food, aren’t you?

There will be an ever-changing array of small plates such as grilled halloumi with kalamata olives and their famous chunky chips with chorizo (see paper cone pic above), plus more substantial meals like a range of housemade fresh pasta (ravioli, pappardelle) and free range Tasmanian steak, served just how you like it.

I’ll probably be down there quite often, so if you see me, please do say hello. You’ll be sure to recognise Poppy, but if not, there’s no way you’ll miss our bright pink pram!

Have you been? I’d love to hear what you think!

Christie x
  • Samantha

    Love this cafe – their breakfast burritos are awesome!

  • Kylie

    Yes! Have had those potatoes, they serve them with the veggie breakfast, so good! The young girls who work there are so friendly too.

  • Lisa

    Yay! Marrickville Road has been needing something like this for a long time. Can’t wait to try.

  • I love the name and mural, probably me after a few drinks. I have walked past but never popped in to this cafe. With the outdoor seating, think it is now on my hit list for a drink and nibble during this summer.

  • My hasn’t Poppy grown :-) It’s nice to go somewhere for a drink that’s not a pub or club, isn’t it?

  • next time i will certainly go there…thanks for your details..

  • Too excited to write. What were the cocktail’s like? Did you see a list?

    • Hi Reality Raver, I think cocktails are still being developed, but there are some great wines by the glass. We are down there most Friday nights – see you there! :)

  • Lola

    I live in Marrickville and this is great news!!! I do suggest if you haven’t yet; try and get in to one of the msytery style pop up dinners being held at Bourke St Bakery in Marrickville the food was by far the best dinner I’ve had in the area. You need to join the mailing list to find out when the dinners are being held.

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