Marrickville Pork Roll: Bahn Mi Thit10

Posted on August 11, 2011 by ChristieRestaurants

You must, at least once, eat a Vietnamese pork roll. I insist. Please put it on your foodie bucket list.

Even better if you devour it in Marrickville, Sydney, where the large Vietnamese population demands the very best version possible.

Better still, if you eat it at this particular hole-in-the-wall establishment on Illlawarra Rd. Beware though, it’s ‘Pork roll o’clock’ between midday and 2pm, so expect to join a lengthy queue.

I took the photo above at 12pm.

This one was at 1pm. The queue is even longer!

What is in a Vietnamese Pork Roll / Bahn Mi?

A fresh, crusty baguette is stuffed with various types of processed pork, pate, mayonnaise, cucumber, onion, coriander, chilli, spring onion, pickled carrots and daikon radish and then splashed liberally with fish sauce. Are you drooling yet?

Hubby is addicted to them, and at a measly $3.50, it’s a very cheap habit. I absolutely love them too, but I have to be in the mood because they are quite salty.

They are so popular here in Marrickville, that you see people eating them at breakfast, lunch, dinner and all the hours in between. I suspect it would be the same in other suburbs where they are available. Perhaps Cabramatta? Can anyone confirm this?

Have you eaten a Vietnamese pork roll? What did you think?

Christie x


  • Worth the wait. Best Viet Pork roll in Sydney – hands down.

  • Will add it to my list!!!

  • I adore these rolls! My sister and I wanted to stop by the Marrickville one but we ran out of time. Sounds like they’re definitely worth the stop :P It’s definitely the same in Mascot-in fact there are two places and one place has an enormous queue whereas the other doesn’t.

  • The filling sounds delicious! I don’t know where we could get them in Canberra
    :( What a cute tiny shop, it almost looks like a big box just leaning against the other buildings.

  • Rah

    Christie, I’ve starting driving past this place every Saturday during my house-hunting! The queue is almost as long as the one at Hong Ha in Mascot :)

  • Argh! Marrickville is so far from where I live but since starting my quest to find the best pork roll, I can’t resist! So far, the pork roll from West Ryde’s Rainbow Bakery is a strong contender!

  • A friend of mine swears by this place but I’m yet to try it. You made me want one right now so thats a good sign :)

  • Michael W.

    I lived in Marrickville, very close to the Dulwich Hill station, and went by this place almost every weekend. I’m in Tokyo now and really miss this place!

  • Unbelievable – was wondering what all the fuss was about so I got on the queue so glad I did, best pork rolls in Sydney I reckon!!

    • Glad you checked it out! Christie :)

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