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Posted on May 18, 2012 by ChristieRestaurants

Are you looking for somewhere special for breakfast this weekend? Great, because I’d like to recommend Glass Brasserie at the Hilton.

Hubby, Poppy and I went there last weekend to try their new signature breakfast dish by new executive chef, Carl Middleton (formally of Lilianfels Spa & Resort and Darley’s Restaurant).

That’s it pictured above. Pretty, huh? And you can certainly judge this book by it’s cover because it’s as delicious as it is beautifully plated.

Here’s another angle. Oooh, ahhh. Pretty.

Oops, I haven’t even told you what’s on the plate yet, have I? It’s Beech wood house smoked salmon with English potato scones, pan roasted asparagus, free range scrambled eggs & baby watercress.

The potato scones are hidden underneath and are more potato cake than scone, with the potato pieces boiled and lightly mashed together to form a round disc. Maybe they are held together with a little flour, but they definitely contain butter, which is not a complaint!

The soft potato went perfectly with the soft and creamy curds of egg and silky salmon. Hubby noted that all the textures are similar so they all kind of meld in the mouth in a happy marriage of textures and flavours. I agree.

The asparagus was a welcome vegetal respite from all the other rich ingredients and overall this is the best hotel breakfast I have ever tasted. I would definitely go back just to eat this… but there is also something else I’ll be back for.


For some reason waffles on a menu don’t often appeal to me. Waffles conjurs up thick stodgy fare that’s far too sweet.

The only truly great waffle I have eaten was in Brussels (sorry, had to gloat!) but these were fantastic; lightly crispy on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside. Heavenly.

Plus, I was a big fan of the ‘grown-up’ sides of mascarpone and berry compote which was sharp and tangy and desperately needed when too much maple syrup was accidentally poured into those little square holes.

Note the carrot juice shot, it was my feeble attempt at making this dish healthy.

The restaurant runs parallel to the Queen Victoria Building on the George St side and the view from our table was lovely, even though it was a grey day. I imagine it would be much nicer on a sunny day or at night when the QVB is lit up.

They have made the most of this by having floor to ceiling glass windows along that side of the restaurant and as you walk along on your way to the breakfast buffet you get great little peeks of the beautiful architecture.

Like this little gem of a view.

We also tried out the breakfast buffet which had a good selection of good quality pastries and cakes as well as a really nice continental breakfast set up (interesting muesli, fruit, different milks and juices).

The hot food section had premium meats (bacon, pancetta, sausages and smoked fish) as well as eggs and other yummy sides (the herb roasted mushies were good), plus there were chefs there cooking things like omelettes to order.

A few notable differences to regular buffets were the amazing selection of Yalla flavoured yoghurts all lined up neatly on ice in a chilled bain marie and a special Chinese food section with congee, soup and a vast array of Chinese condiments (see picture below).

I guess this is the satisfy the large amount of Asian tourists who stay at the hotel or visit specifically for breakfast.

Poppy was fairly well behaved, especially when drinking a big glass of cold milk. She is getting better at hanging out at restaurants as she gets so much practice!

My Mum calls her ‘a cafe baby’ and finds it interesting that women just go wherever they want and bring their baby along. It just wasn’t the norm back when she was toting four small children under the age of 6 (woah!).

What do you think? Does this review make you want to check this place out?

Christie x

Fig & Cherry (and family!) dined as guests at Glass Brasserie with compliments of Hilton Sydney (special thanks to Lorna for organising it!).

Glass Brasserie is located at Hilton Sydney, Level 2, 488 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000. Ph (02) 9265 6068.

Continental Buffet $35 / Full Australian Buffet $42
A La Carte Menu from $7 for Continental / $16 for Hot Breakfast

Opening hours
Monday – Friday / 6am – 10am
Saturday – Sunday / 7am – 11am

  • Haven’t been here for years but love the decor and roominess of the dining area. Didn’t realise the chef has changed so maybe time for a revisit.

  • Looks divine ! I have a secret ambition to stay at the Hilton, with no kids!!

  • Ohhh nice :) I love love love LOVE Breakfast Buffets hehe I only really get to go when I travel but lol I’d love to try the Glass Brasserie :) and i love the view!!! LOL maybe I should just move to Sydney for a month and totally PIG OUT hehe

  • Breakfast is my favourite. Especially breakfast at such an amzing place. I have friends from interstate visiting soon, I think I might take them here!

  • I love the idea of the waffles with the grown up’s condiments.
    What a greaty view to start your morning

  • Eha

    * The view is good
    * The salmon desirable
    * The Yalla yogurt new to me [and I love the stuff]
    * Poppy developing way past her age as a future foodie: absolutely gorgeous! OMG: that child is so huggable!

  • I’m a sucker for a buffet breakfast – odd, really, as I normally don’t eat much at home. But put me in front of a big gorgeous spread & I’m running back for seconds and thirds. Especially when there’s smoked salmon!

  • I just love scrambled eggs, smoked salmon and asparagas and this particular version looks lovely! Thanks Christie!

  • The salmon looks good, but I’d like to try the Congee and chili oil, yum!

  • Mmmm waffles…now I have a strong craving for waffles.

  • Def! A few girls from work head to Glass for lunch and they love it. The brekkie looks fab :D

  • Aww look at lil Poppy! I still can’t believe how much she has grown! :o

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