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Posted on June 30, 2008 by ChristieEvents, Restaurants

[Max Brenners Dark Thick Italian Chocolate in a hug mug]

[Max Brenners Chocolate and Banana Pizza with Marshmallows and Sugared Pecans]

Yesterday I met up with Leigh, Riayn, Fern and Veronica at Max Brenners in Parramatta for a bit of a chat and a whole lotta chocolate. I only drank a hot chocolate – but as you can see from the picture it was very thick and rich! And delicious!

The little mug it’s served in is called a Hug Mug because you place your hands around each side and well, hug it, while you drink through the narrow end. It’s a great (warm) feeling.

It was really nice to put faces to the names of the wonderful blogs I read and we all got along right away and chatted for over two hours. The conversation went around the world and back and included some crazy online encounters – we blabbed so long we almost forgot to order food…

The pizza was way too intense for me to try, so I left it up to the others to dive in and devour it – but that melted chocolate was hazardous! It got all over Leigh’s camera. The problem was, it was served to us without any plates which was a bit silly. Max – you need to sort that out. Melted chocolate pizza + no plates = a guaranteed mess!

Sorry to the ladies that emailed me on Saturday morning with last minute RSVPs – I had already left. But don’t despair, there’ll be another one very soon – we’re thinking High Tea at the Sofitel (because, you know, we’re posh). See you there!

Happy eating, Christie

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  • Whoa – that pizza looks brilliant!

  • Well that sounds fun and that pizza, oh my, that is sinful.

  • I am still trying to come down from the massive sugar high. I should have never had that chocolate soufflĂ© after the dark orange hot chocolate. Way too much sugar.

    It was fantastic meeting you and learning about the correct way to photograph food. Looking forward to our posh high tea.

  • Was great to meet everyone and I’d really looking forward to high tea :D

    And those were pecans apparently on the pizza, not peanuts, although they didn’t taste overly pecan-y to me.

  • Looking forward to high tea..perhaps we need to start planning so there aren’t any excuses for next time :) The sofitel site is such a tease.

  • Kim

    Oh, how much fun. And a High Tea, I am envious.

  • I just nominated you for a blog award :). Congrats you deserve it!

  • Hi Dillon,
    It looks very sweet doesn’t it!

    Hi Noble Pig,
    It was so sinful it didn’t even touch my lips!

    Hi Riayn,
    Me too! That hot chocolate really sent me spinning… into the shopping centre ;)

    Hi Fern,
    Great to meet you too – ooops, sorry they look like peanuts! Thanks for confirming.

    Hi Leigh,
    There will be no excuses! High tea and cake for all. Let’s make a date so everyone can plan to be there.

    Hi Kim,
    It was really fun – wish you could have come. Might be a tiny bit too far…

    Hi Sophie,
    Wow! You are so sweet. Thank you very much.

  • Whoa! too sweet for my liking… Christie, is the yellow face Max’s logo?

  • Hi Jmez,
    Yep, that bald head is an illustration of Max – it’s his logo.

  • Y

    That hot chocolate looks like pure melted chocolate. Lethal!

  • looks like a liquid chocolate bar!

  • I just realized I forgot to post the actual award on my blog! I’ll do it later this evening when I get home from work :) – you can copy and paste it onto your blog from there :).

  • What?! Omg. I am totally hyperventillating!

    I don’t normally like pizza, but this one is definitely up my alley.

  • Cool idea :) Have no idea if there are even any other bloggers where I live…oh well more chocolate for me ;) but seriously, that hug mug looks soooo goood……

  • Hi Y,
    It was pure melted chocolate!! I was buzzing all day :)

    Hi Maryann,
    Yep and it was yum!

    Hi Sophie,
    Thanks that would be great.

    Hi Tangobaby,
    Calm down! I don’t want to be responsible for medical issues ;) The pizza was way too intense, I didn’t go anywhere near it!

    Hi Laura,
    The hug mug is what makes it sooooo good. It was quite chilly so putting my hands around that mug was pure heaven!

  • Y

    Christie, the danish is unfortunately all gone. Maybe next time, eh! :D I certainly should have used some help consuming it!

  • So sorry not to have made it along to this one. Glad to hear you had a good time. And put me on the list for the next gathering.

  • The chocolate in the top picture reminded me of some chocolate I got at this place in Philly, called ‘Naked chocolate”

    from the looks of your web site (this is my first time here), this place might be right up your girls’ alley!

  • Hi Y,
    I’ll remind you next time to share – don’t worry!

    Hi Kathyrn,
    Would be great to get you along next time!

    Hi Greg,
    Yum, that places looks good. I’ve never been to Philly but if I do…

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