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Posted on August 22, 2011 by ChristieRestaurants

On our recent road trip to Lennox Head along the NSW coastline we stopped at Fredo Pies for lunch. You can see the iconic sign with the crocodile on it from quite a distance, and it makes your tummy grumble.

Hubby went straight for the beer beef and chilli pie.

I could not go past the crocodile pie. It’s what they are famous for, after all. Crocodile meat is salty and tastes like a cross between chicken and fish. The texture is more like chicken and it’s quite a strange thing to eat.

I have to admit that I didn’t love it or hate it, but the pastry was good. Nice and flakey and buttery.

Hubby and I are a fan of sausage rolls so we grabbed one of those too. It was very good – chock full of meat and flavoured with fennel seeds.

The lovely lady behind the counter gave Poppy a souvenir bib. So cute! With over 160 varieties of pies available (they rotate seasonally) Fredo Pies is well worth a pit stop.

What’s your favourite type of pie? I quite like stewed rabbit in a pie or the old classic, beef and mushroom.

Christie x

Fredo Pies
5 Macleay St
Frederickton NSW
Ph: 02 6566 8226

  • Yum! That sausage roll looks amazing :) My favourite type of pie would have to be a good old fashioned mince beef pie with tomato sauce!

    • The classic mince pie is popular for a reason. I like to push a hole in the pastry then squirt my tomato sauce inside.

  • Those pies sure look heavenly. I was quite taken aback with the crocodile pie. I thought it was just a name maybe because of the size or the look of the pie, but when you mentioned about the crocodile meat, woah, I don’t think I can eat it! I just feel bad for the crocodiles.

    However, the sausage rolls are to die for! I think I can finish 2 of those. The baby looks cute with that souvenir bib – seems like he’s adventurous with the food he’s eating. Good for him!

    Thanks for posting this. Fredo Pies is a must-visit place!

  • I love chicken pies. Especially if there’s a bit of mustard in the gravy,and some thyme too. Poppy looks like she’s contemplating the menu and deciding which of the 160 pies she would want.:)

    • Poppy would probably eat a pie if I let her… you don’t get cheeks like that without loving food (I guess she’s like her Mum!) :)

      • I’m so pleased that you guys enjoyed the pies, and Poppy looks just beautiful in her bib. We do try hard to offer the best product possible and strive hard on customer service, we have a great crew of staff, they do a good job. I will pass on your comments to them, it is nice to get good feedback, not everyone takes the trouble.
        thank you again, and have a great 2012. regards
        Nola Turnbull
        Fredo Pies

  • If I’m ever up that way, I will check it out for sure! I love a good pie, especially for breakfast. Some adults I know could use a bib too!

    My favourite pies are usually chicken and vegetable ones. Also love beef and mushroom. And nothing beats a good curry pie.

    • Ooh, curry, yes! Agree about the bib for adults – sometimes it’s nice to get really messy when you eat, but not in public!

  • I’m going there for sure! Those pies and especially the sausage roll look great!

  • Definitely the best roadside tucker on the Pacific Highway!

  • amy

    I thought fredo pies were just a local favourite! must head down since I’m so close!

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